Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blog Stuff: Arghhhh.

The downstairs neighbors acquired a new dog.

It is suffering acute separation anxiety while they are off at work.

It started this morning by waking me at 0700 hours with its whining & howling.

It has not Shut. Up. since then.

I can at least take a little bit of schaedenfreude from the thumping and banging noises suddenly emanating from downstairs.

It sounds like something big & expensive is getting tore up.


3yellowdogs said...

Can't attest to its effectiveness, but I'll pass along a solution to this that worked for a friend in a similar situation (barking hound in apartment next door). He bought a dog whistle. When the howling started, he'd blow it in short bursts. According to said friend, it distracted the dog enough that he forgot about dear departed mummy and daddy and curled up for a nap.


Tam said...

That would probably work better for maintaining neighborly relations than firing randomly through the floor with my Garand.

I'll try it.

Billy Beck said...

I had already enjoyed imagining random fire and was looking forward to the sitrep.

HollyB said...

Or, depending on the size of the pup, a small plant called "Dumb Cane". The proper name is [and I know I'm going to slaughter the spelling] is Diffenbachia.
Just a small one should do the trick. If the pup can be induced to chew just a small leaf, the sap will paralyze his vocal cord, temporaily.
Don't give them the whole plant, just slip the pup a leaf under the door. Too much woul make him/her sick.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I'm reminded that female serial killers tend to poison...

Kristopher said...

So ... poisoning via Diffenbachia would be Horrible Silent Death?

BobG said...

"It sounds like something big & expensive is getting tore up."

And with any luck, the dog may get diarrhea or puke on the floor...

cleanhead said...

Record the howling and barking and play it back at high volume for the benefit of the downstairs neighbors. Perhaps they'll get the point.

ExistingThing said...

*bark bark bark*
*bark bark bark*
*bark bark bark*
*bark bark bark* Crash! Smash!

I like cleanhead's idea...