Sunday, October 08, 2006

Taxonomy of Modern Dangers: Deception and Adaptation.

One day Bob the Gunsmith was getting ready to hike across the vacant lot to the local truck stop for comestibles and combustibles.

Ever concerned about preparedness in the face of Modern Dangers, I asked him "What will you do if you're walking across the field there, and you're suddenly surrounded by a gang of migratory hippies?"

Without missing a beat in the face of such a non-sequiturish inquiry, he replied "I'd tell them I have beads to trade for stuff, and befriend them."

"But what if, while you were talking to the hippies, a troop of ninjas showed up and, seeing you consorting with their mortal foes, took you for one of them when they attacked?"

"I'd kill the hippies and explain to the ninjas that it was all a clever ruse to gain the hippies' trust."

Thinking on your feet: How to survive Modern Dangers.


Sean said...

Wait, I thought it was Ninjas vs. Pirates?

Oleg said...

Both hippies and pirates have smoking dreadlocks.

Tam said...

"Wait, I thought it was Ninjas vs. Pirates?"

It's been proven that the hippies are in league with the pirates.

Plus, ninjas hate hippies.

3yellowdogs said...

Hippies are merely the modern descendants of pirates... only without the cutlasses and eye patches.

It's only natural that the ninjas would hate the hippies every bit is much as they hate pirates, what with the hippies' similarly flamboyant attire and all.

UltimaThule said...

Thinking on your feet indeed.

I have a colleague like that too.

Whenever this person asks a crazy question out of the blue, I do like Bob.

I think on my feet - and play along as best I can. :-)

Marko said...

Dunno about pirates or ninjas, but if I ever get attacked by an army of square paper pieces with concentric circles and red centers, I'm pretty sure I'll kill the living piss out of them.