Thursday, November 02, 2006

For some reason, this just kicks my gigglebox over...

The other night, we had one of those gems of a customer one must occasionally suffer through in Retailville. When Thing One dropped by the shop later that evening, I tried to describe the guy to him thusly:

Me: "Man, you should have seen this dude. He was an okay guy, I guess, utbay otnay ootay ightbray, if you know what I mean."

Thing One: "Huh?"


"Igpay Atinlay, othermay uckerfay! Ooday ooyay eakspay itay?"


Paul Simer said...

My brain hurts. I was never very good at that stuff.


Anonymous said...

Tam, your sense of humor is priceless. Don't ever change.

Remember...hetay athpay ofyay hetay ighteousray anmay isyay esetbay onyay allyay idessay ybay hetay inequitiesyay ofyay hetay elfishsay andyay hetay yrannytay ofyay evilyay enmay.

Ay lessedbay isyay ehay whoay inyay hetay amenay ofyay haritycay andyay oodwillgay hepardssay hetay eakway hroughtay hetay alleyvay ofyay arknessday. Orfay ehay isyay rulytay ishay rothersbay eeperkay andyay hetay inderfay ofyay ostlay hildrencay.


DirtCrashr said...

Dammit I had to go google a pig-latin translator.

phlegmfatale said...

Thanks for the belly-laugh!

staghounds said...

aysay atwhay againway!

I can't WAIT to do this!

staghounds said...

And, as payback for the lapsang souchong all over my g5, in case you haven't seen "Shttp://www.