Friday, November 10, 2006


"I know, I know, the Second Amendment safeguards all the others...but it's not the most important right of the bunch. They're all equally important, and what good is the right to keep your guns if there's nothing left to defend with them?"

Preach on, my brother!


MarkHB said...

He's a smart boy, our mutual chum.


Sigivald said...

Tiny nitpick - not all the Amendments and their rights are really equally important.

Third amendment?

Reasonably important in principle, but still less important - even if it was likely to ever be relevant again - than the First, Second, Fourth, and Fifth.

divemedic said...

The third. You mean the one that wasn't needed when the troops were quartered in people's front yards, taking their guns away in illegal searches? This proved that governments under pressure will always violate the rights of its citizens when push comes to shove.

Which violated the Second, third, fourth, and fifth amendments.

Lizard said...

Lizard says: Just because you own a gun and hate the government doesn't make you a libertarian.

Anonymous said...

Third amendment?

That's why we have SWAT teams busting down the wrong doors on no-knock warrants?

Just a thought...

We already have an occupying army. Our "homes" are our neighborhoods.

The third has been excised just like all the others. All hail the master state.

BryanP said...

And hence my biggest gripe about current (and previous) elections. Who should I vote for? The guy who only believes in part of the Bill of Rights, or the guy who only believes in part of the Bill of Rights?