Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mother Nature has it in for me...

Our beautiful (if belated) indian summer looks like it will end its streak of dry days with highs in the 60s and 70s with a rainy Friday where the thermometer barely makes it into the 50s.

Just in time for my day off.



phlegmfatale said...

Well, that's good reading weather, anyway.

B&N said...

Yup, what phlemy said.

Book, coffee, couch and blanket.


Tennessee Budd said...

Could be worse, Tam. I got suited up to ride to work & my damned bike wouldn't start.
I have GOT to get the big bike resto finished.

BobG said...

50 degrees sounds real nice.
Where I'm at it's 28 degrees, windy, and a skiff of snow.

3yellowdogs said...

Sure, you got the brake job done. With the rain on the way, did you also fix the top?

Ya know, just in case you run out of IPA or some other necessity on Friday.

Twycross said...


*checks outside*

We have about 4 inches of snow, and it's 16 degrees (not counting wind chill).

pax said...

Four inches of snow here, with more in the forecast.

I'd take 50-and-rainy in a heartbeat. I need some range time!

seanmiller said...

Are you kidding? Thats the day I have to drive back to Nashville to schmooze the soon-to-be in-laws.

Bleh...yucky driving weather.

kristopher said...

I kinda like the freezing weather.

Here in Oregon, we get to watch Californian immigrants try to substitute horsepower for traction in their spendy SUVs, immediately after passing us native who are driving at 45 mph on the freeway for some unknown ( to them ) reason.

Watching them do slow 15 mph uncontrolled pirouettes is also fun.