Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What bugs me about my friend Marko... the way he just casually hits one out of the park every month or so. I'd be tickled to death to sweat out an essay like that just once, and he goes and does it on a regular basis. I know the guy; he's just some human; he talks like regular folks, but park him in front of a keyboard and the Clark Kent glasses come off.


Anonymous said...

Very well done to Marko on that one.

Here's another fun story for those of you out there who think you might want to appease an armed thug rather than take one down:

Back in September, a very brazen and utterly stupid individual actually tried to pull a stick up on the manager of a local gun shop here in the parking lot after closing time. It might have been the very shop I work for, but if it were, I couldn't discuss it if you catch my drift.

Said thug approached the manager with a finger on the trigger of his pistol and the pistol went off we shall say accidentally. Oops. Momentarily startled the would be thief. Good thing he wasn't pointing directly at the shop's manager's vitals or he would have accidentally killed him. Accidents happen as they say.

Manager of said shop drew his own weapon and got the drop on would-be robber at that point. Both survived. That's the short version.

Moral of the story: If that sack of shit would try to rob someone who he knew damn well was armed, what chance would an unarmed individual have had?

Will Brown said...


One way you might "hit one out of the park" yourself is to play off Marko's latest and recount your own "wrong end of the gun" experience your comment on his site refered to. With emphasis on the effect the incident had upon you generally (sense of security, dealings with others, etc), the positive steps the incident drove you to, basicly how you turned a negative experience into a personally positive one (I'm assuming that to be the case) should work to minimise any "woe is me" aspects of the tale and provide food for thought/inspiration for the rest of us.

Not to mention satisfy that annoying "so what happened next" itch you've managed to leave us with. Again.

Jay G said...

While Marko's post is indeed a thing of beauty, I have to admit liking your "I ain't goin' out like that" post better.

Anonymous said...

The simplest version of Marko's excellent essay is, "Danegeld doesn't work."

It's a shame our politicians don't understand that, looking at many other issues where equivalent morality is in operation.

It helps to understand what "Danegeld" is all about, of course.


Gewehr98 said...

What bugs me about Marko is that when his literary muse is good, it's darned good. But when it's bad, it just plain stinks. That's too bad, because I really like the guy, being from the Vaterland and all...

I'm referring to his "right to kill and eat deer" post a while back, which without further explanation from the author, smacks of a totally reverse Zumbo maneuver. Not good, not good at all. :(