Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Overheard at work...

G: "You should have seen K's daughter dressed up for Halloween last year. She was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz; little gingham dress, ruby slippers, the works. She was precious!"

Me: "A basket with a stuffed dog?"

G: "Yup. Her little dog Toto, too."

Me: "Too cute! If I dressed up as a Wizard of Oz character, I'd need to find a stuffed flying monkey."

G: "You and me both."


Robb Allen said...

Funny... My oldest is dressing up like Dorthy, complete with gingham dress, ruby slippers, and her little dog too.

breda said...

not being a liberal, I'd need some silver rustoleum and a heart transplant. (at least that's what I've heard)

Cybrludite said...

Here you go. We'll get you costuming for Halloween yet!

Anonymous said...

True story. Just last night.

Panhandling mother unit, standing out where the curb would be, if we had curbs: "You givin' out candy?"

Me: (in Gore-mandated broad daylight, tending grill of bratwursts I give to the grownups, then aver they're made of the last batch of trick-or-treaters): "Ya sure. Yabetcha."

She: "Okay then. The kids was scared to come up there."

I was not in costume.
L & G of the jury, I ask you: if these gutless wonders can't approach me without my fur and horns on, why should I bribe them not to assault the stronghold?

Anonymous said...

Our front yard is decorated to look like a graveyard - complete with hanging skeletons, bones scattered around, several of my older kid's friends in the spookiest costume they can put together lurking in the shadows, and me in a gray jumpsuit, hockey mask and large realistic looking plastic axe.

Every year we have several children who absolutely refuse to walk up the sidewalk and ring the bell. Without fail almost all of them are early teenagers. The under 10 year old little kids in the princess or mermaid costumes will stroll right through the middle of the whole thing and ring the bell.

Of course none of us move when the little kids are there, we are just props. Where the older kids are fair game. But none of them know that before they traverse the sidewalk.

Last night we had one father run over to the yard while his kids were next door and urged us to "scare the crap out of them"

So we did. They were three boys aged 8, 10 and 13. The 8 year old came back three times. He didn't want more candy, he wanted us to all to scare him again. We think his oldest brother is probably still running.

If they don't ring the bell they don't get the candy. We candied the repeat 8 year old all three times - he was a hoot.

Gewehr98 said...

We Lutherans tend to appreciate October 31st for other subtle reasons.