Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Please don't feed the stereotypes.

LabRat unleashes her snark-fu and kicks holy hell out of a Women's Health article. I wish I could snark like that.


Anonymous said...

Heh yeah, she's good, ain't she? But we're troubled at this note of envy. Your snark remains inviolable; merely acknowledging the excellence of another in no way diminishes your finely-turned essence of screaming death.

FWIW, "Men's Health" verily sucketh as well. I believe they share writers. You are what you eat, plus prison-camp exercise. How crassly materialistic.

I was tickled that she got in a last lick on the "new fat study," which of course is just the revelation that the old fat study was, well, fat.

Anonymous said...

Nearly forgot to say in the excitement of the Tamalanche (traffic was literally an order of magnitude higher today for some odd reason), but thanks for the linky love. Again. :)