Thursday, October 18, 2007

One Hundred Favorite Guns.

KdT recently listed his hundred favorite guns, an effort that seems predisposed to memery. Should be a doddle, so I'll play along:

1) Colt M1911A1 pistol.
2) S&W Military & Police revolver.
3) Mauser Gewehr 98 rifle.
4) Ummm.... Maybe this is going to take more work than I thought...

No soul searching or painful reflection was required for that list, however. As a matter of fact, if we made the 1911 one with a modern carry setup, the M&P a 3" round-butt Model 13, and the Mauser a Brazilian 08/34 in .30-'06, I could probably muddle through just fine on the three.


Anonymous said...

Guess I'd pick #1 as the ONLY firearm that I owned for years...a "Coast-to-Coast" branded Mossberg 500 in 12 gauge. Duck-, pheasant-. deer- and house-gun, all in one.

Since then I've added pistols, rifles and a couple of useless things that have been in and out, but I'd always list this beat-up, crusty, fire-surviving shottie right up there.

Anonymous said...

Here's my list:
1. 1911A1 in .45 cal
2. AR15
3. Benelli super 90

Anonymous said...

I read Kim's list and I have owned about 15 of his 100 guns.

Out of a nice group of shotguns I have used ove the years I come back to a Beretta 686 o/u in 20 ga.,I guess that is because I can hit a bit with it.

Pistol, Browning Hi-Power 9mm a great classic and I seem to be able to hit where I aim with it.

Rifle, Ruger No.1 International in 7mm Mauser, it edges out a Parker Hale conversion of a .303 Enfield.

I noticed that most readers on both sites like traditional guns in great old cal.s.

Lergnom said...

My list? Uh, lemmesee, now...
Ruger Security six, 4" in stainless.
Winchester lever action '94 in .45 Colt.
Winchester '97 takedown in riot/trench style.
Stock '17 Enfield in .30-06
And, a quote from an old movie, _Valdez is coming_ , 'and he carries a Sharps buffalo rifle...'
Points awarded for anyone who can finish the quote;).
Stay safe

Anonymous said...

Where's the N-frame????
KDT picks the Beretta and Walther 380 over the Colt Pocketlite??? WTF!!!
Browning Challenger rather than a Medalist???
No Browning T-bolt??? No FAL???
The last three on his list really cracks me up. What garbage.

Anonymous said...

I would add the ruger P90 to the list, having had various 1911's be choosy about the type of rounds they like, but have never had that problem with any Ruger. Also didn't see the Smith model 19 on the list.

Tam said...


Feel free to make your own list. :)

Kim du Toit said...


I had enough of the FAL back in the days when I was defending the Racist Republic. In short, I hate it.

The N-frame is too big for my hand.

The Pocketlite, despite its name, weighs too much for a small .380 pistol.

Medalist/Challenger, potato, potahto.

And the last three on the list (MP40, M3 and Sten) are decidedly NOT cap: all are decent, workmanlike guns which have killed many people with ease and efficiency. Besides, I like them and would own all three in a heartbeat if GCA didn't exist.

But feel free to make up your own, personal list... just don't bother to show it to me because I don't care.