Thursday, October 18, 2007

You're doing it wrong.


Anonymous said...

Hey, we used to have a sports car porch around here. It was a fairly well maintained ranch house with a pair of pre-SC 911s gathering moss in the driveway. One was red, one was yellow, and they were both sporting RS ducktails. They lived there for almost 8 years.

I always wanted to drop by and see if they wanted to part with one, but with a spouse who doesn't appreciate the way in which dumb old furrin' cars get better with age, it wasn't gonna happen.

And then just last week, they were gone!

Fletch said...

I shot mountain dew out of my nose.

(eww and ow)

(still snickering though)

Anonymous said...

One summer I was working as a freelance painter to raise tuition.
So I went up to this house and asked the owner if he needed any painting done. He said he would give me $50 to paint his porch out back. So I did. As I went to collect my money, I said to him, "BTW, that's not a Porch, that's a Mercedes."

Fits said...

Amazing the options they've available nowadays.