Sunday, November 04, 2007

Well. Here we are.

The photo's been taken for the Sunday Smith, and I'll probably have it up before too late this evening.

Expect light posting in the immediate future, as I'm not having the happiest of lives at the moment, which makes it hard to dish out the snark. If I knew of a good nunnery in the area, I'd swear off cigarettes, beer, and men and be done with it.


Ambulance Driver said...

"If I knew of a good nunnery in the area, I'd swear off cigarettes, beer, and men and be done with it."

Damn, that bad?

Seems like keeping two of those habits might make it easier to kick the other one!

Anonymous said...

St Columcille Abbey
113 Hillcrest Dr
Knoxville, TN 37918
(865) 688-3546

They don't have a website, so I'm guessing that blogging will be light from the cloisters.

Chances of a firing range on-site are also low. Abbeys associated with the St Gabriel Possenti Society are in short supply.

Motorcycle parking should be available. Modern nun's headgear may not fit into a helmet, though, and the traditional wimple is not DOT certified.

There are books a-plenty, including a particularly Good one. You might say there is great depth on that one subject in the library, but not much breadth.

So, while "good" in the conventional measuring systems for rating nunneries, you may want to search further afield.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Three of life's most pleasant vices- it MUST be bad.

Anonymous said...

the prayer times would probably get to you. Here's what I do when I have something I can't do much about and get frustrated. Take your current favorite shooter, go to the range set up a target and picture the source of your problems on that target. Commence firing and don't stop except to reload until either the target is gone or you feel better. Works every time

doubletrouble said...

"Life's a piece of shit, when you look at it..."

Sorry about yer tough times lass, but keep doin' the things that you normally do.

Dwelling on the crap just makes it worse.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Come on up here (Indiana) I just spent the day spreading manure, the real kind, and not the internet kind. I have 7-8 years worth that has to be spread, really takes your mind off of your troubles....just load, sling the sh*t, load, repeat and keep repeating until the mountain is gone. If that doesn't turn you on, we do have 2 convents within 20 miles of here, one of them is really strict. The choice is yours


Roberta X said...
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Roberta X said...

Aw, rats. My best wishes for immediate and dramatic improvement in life generally.

(Of the three things on that list,any one of 'em can drive you to the other two, one way or another). >sigh<

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry it's come to that point for you. Wish I could do something to help, know that I can't. Hope the offer means something anyway.

Hang in there as the cliche goes. Just keep your head above the sea of crap for a little while longer and I'm sure you'll get through it.

Zendo Deb said...

Don't swear off the beer!

Zendo Deb said...

I don't know about nuns, but I do know of some monks that make some decent wine - even the brandy is below par.

staghounds said...

"Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue..."

You'd never fit in, where do you think they got the word conventional?

Anonymous said...

"...I'd swear off cigarettes, beer, and men and be done with it."

Well, cigars, bourbon, and a good shower massager might be the change of pace you need.

breda said...

Tam - there are men and then there are MEN. Only one of those are worth wasting your time on.

Hope things are looking better for you soon.

phlegmfatale said...

aw, heck! Anyone not smart enough to kiss your feet (properly) doesn't deserve you anyhoo, kiddo. On the other hand, if you went to a nunnery for a brief stint, you'd have years of snark at the ready, I suspect.

Anonymous said...

I'd think retail a better fuel than Penguinism for snark.

Brian said...

Heck I just left my job of almost 14 years, and one of the guys that worked with me just went into the hospital with stress induced heart pains.

Take a vacation and do some shooting

Anonymous said...

It was a bad week here, too. But one day I will get my motorcycle back on the road and it won't matter, will it? One would hope.

Anonymous said...

Miss Tamara: Don't burn Merv!

Shard said...

"If I knew of a good nunnery in the area, I'd swear off cigarettes, beer, and men and be done with it."

Umm, Tam, I'm pretty sure nunneries are 'gun free zones'.....

Just sayin'.

Hope things get better.

Anonymous said...

"I get dressed, I kill him, I'll be right back."--Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez.

Now you just stop this nonsense right now. You're breaking my heart, again, and I won't have it.
You are Tamara fucking K., for chrissakes, international blogress, noted gun writer and an example to the rest of the class, and you're not allowed to be a loser like everybody else. Let's just get that straight.

You lead the very definition of the life worth living. Suck from time to time (like most days)? I'll bet it does, and I'm waking up early, most days, to feel every gory detail, distilled into little perfect hard rocks that you shoot off better than anyone else in this medium.

Rub some snark on it. Don't make me come down there...

Anonymous said...

Saw this post earlier today and have been cogitating on it awhile (things have to fester with me for a bit).
Here's your Rx: get thee to the gun room and promptly begin fondling those beautiful Smiths! (And caress a couple for ME, would ya? I'm down from a grand total of 3 to a painful total of....NONE [and still up debt creek without a prayer]).
Keep your chin up and remember, Some days you bite the bear and some days the bear bites you.
You'll be biting back in no time.
Get up tomorrow and BITE!
Best Always,

Anonymous said...

What ben and comatus said; they more eloquent than me.

Just remember, that no matter how bad it is, you still got us.

I would recommend that you only give up one vice at any one time.

Feanaro said...

It's 2AM mountain time and I still see nothing. What's it take to get some service around here?

DBA Dude said...

Do not know what is going wrong for you at the moment so cannot offer any advice.

The wheel turns and things will improve.

Our thoughts (from the blogosphere) will be with you.

Anonymous said...

I wish you well and really mean it. As a long time reader it is hard to see someone you respect having a bad time.

My only advice is to remember the billions of poeple out in the third world who have no concept of the material wealth you have and the comforts of home. Everytime I feel a bit sorry for myself working in the 3rd world, I just look around and say "damn, I am so lucky to have my life. It sucks right now but it would never be as bad as this."

Take care, keep safe and we are here for you.

GeorgeH said...

Dang girl.
I was just flippin through the channels last night and thought I saw you on the tube. It was Lauren Holly in 'Down Periscope'. You could be her twin.
I hope you find someone worth the effort, cause asceticism won't become you.

Matt G said...


1. AD beat me to the obligatory habit joke.

2. You wouldn't find the life of the wife-o'-Gawd conducive to the snark-attacks that are your meat.

3. Life looks a lot better on a November morning with a cup of coffee, a good book, and not entanglements.

4. Writing new entries to your Sunday Smith collumn --and getting one or two in the can-- would be a fine way to distract you from life's significant irritations.

5. Taking advice from people 900 miles away, who don't get spattered by the mud their suggestions would splash up would be of questionable worth. . . [ ;) ]

6. Git ta writin'! I've got about $50 burnin' a hole in my pocket, to buy a coffeetable book with pics by a skinny Tennesseean with a funny accent, and collumns by tall redhead more alpha acids in her bloodstream than doctors had previously thought capable of sustaining life.

Jay G said...

Dunno what's wrong right now, Tam, but I'm hoping it gets better soon.

'Cause I hate it when bad things happen to good people. And you're one of the better ones I know. :)

PS: I'm available for alibis if'n you need one. Just sayin' is all...

Cybrludite said...

Bummer. If you're serious about the nunnery thing, I think the Ursalines still have theirs running in the heart of the French Quarter...

Maybe it's just me, but romantic mis-adventures boost my snark level. I guess not everyone's wired that way. If you need to vent or talk, you can reach me via my user name at the web portal with the yodeling commecials.

Anonymous said...

"If I knew of a good nunnery in the area, I'd swear off cigarettes, beer, and men and be done with it."

A man recently had a full medical check up. When he returned 3 weeks later after the exhaustive lab tests were complete, his doctor said he was doing "fairly well" for his age.
The man was obviously a little concerned about that comment and so asked his doctor "Do you think I'll live to be 80, doctor?"
He replied, "Well, do you smoke or drink beer?"
"Oh no", the man replied, "I've never done either."
Then the doctor asked, "Do you eat grilled steaks or barbequed ribs?
The man replied, "No, I've heard that red meat is very unhealthy."
"Do you spend a lot of time in the sun, like at the range, or sailing, or golfing?" asked the doctor.
"No I don't," the man replied.
Then the doctor asked, "Do you gamble, drive fast cars, or mess with women?"
"No," said the man, "I've done none of those things."
The doctor looked at the man and said, "Then why do you want to live to be 80?"

Hang in there....

Anonymous said...

My dad once told me a tale of a bunch of old-codger cardiologists he knew that had a tradition of getting together every year to compare notes. One year, the discussion turned to the inevitability of death, and being what they were, they noted that the most likely exits for them were either cancer or heart attacks. After discussing which was the worse way to go... they all took up eating lots and lots of fats and red meat.

If you gotta go, and we all gotta, pick the way that takes you out quick...

Anonymous said...

Yes, speaking of The Book:

Been meaning to save this in case I ever met you in person, but I'd better use it now and think of something for later.

Are you finding everything to photograph that you want in the book, or a better way of asking might be: "Is there anything you want to include that you can't seem to locate?

I'm frequently forced to journey to KnoxVegas to visit the chirren and grand-chirren and would be happy to loan you whatever I can locate that you don't have.

Cowboy Blob said...

I hope your troubles aren't as bad as you say. I'm not in your shoes, but if you think about it, you might agree.

When my favorite rifle exploded Sunday, I was mighty distressed... until I counted my fingers through both functioning eyes and found only a pinpoint cut on my arm.

When I drove back to Tucson in the Stang, my aching feet were killing me (clutch... ouch! brake... ouch!) during the 1-hour traffic jam caused by two separate accidents. I realized when I passed those wrecks than my pain was only temporary; my habit of driving like Herr Autobahner could have had me in the place of one of those unlucky souls wrecked on the roadside.

Find a Happy Thought. We all wish that for you.

The Duck said...

Hey Tam,
It will get better, hope it's just one of those minor speed bumps in the road of life.
Take care of yourself

Fits said...

Dayum. Guessin' that the pic I sent of me loadin the stolen beer truck with all them cartons of smokes didn't go over too well.