Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Artful dodging.

Who didn't see this coming?

With the punch of a high-profile Second Amendment case coming right at them, the Supremes use a little bit of that funky Aikido stuff, dodge, and *whoosh!* it goes right past 'em.

No decision for you!

Their kung-fu is strong.


NotClauswitz said...

They look good with the black robes and all doing that high-kicking Matrix like stuff...

Divemedic said...

The one case they decide to take on is the weighty constitutional decision of how much a law office can charge for paralegal time when computing court costs in a civil suit.

Important stuff for the republic, that.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I am not surprised.

I wonder how long before Jefferson and Patrick Henry crawl out of their graves to kick us in the hindquarters.

Which leads to the inevitable question: If they did so could ou really consider them to be zombies?

joe said...

From my reading of the story, it isn't over yet. They may still hear the case. The parties are arguing over what issues should be heart at all.

Anonymous said...

"Which leads to the inevitable question: If they did so could ou really consider them to be zombies?"

Does it matter? If they haven't yet, by the time they do we damn sure won't* have the tools for the necessary headshots.

*As law abiding citizens I am quite certain we would all turn in outlawed projectile based weaponry in proper and prescribed timetables for the necessary compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws. I may or may not also have a bridge for sale.

Anonymous said...

"No decision for you."

It sounds so much better if you use a caricature of an Asian accent.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter.

All they're hearing is basically an appeal. If they don't hear the case, then the decision of the lower court will stand.

I've always said the reason they won't hear 2A cases, is because they KNOW how they'll have to rule on it.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous, divemedic--

I'm predicting "punt" also. That would confine the ruling that the Second Amendment IS a RKBA only applies in DC.

Paraphrasing my Maintenance Master Chief here: "We got elephants to butcher here; why you effin' around with field mice?"

ibex said...

Do we really want a verdict on the RKBA from the people who decided Kelo vs. City of New London?

Anonymous said...


I'd say gird for war, except its too fucking late! We're such pussies we'll accept this.

Screw America. Fuck it dead.

We so deserve what we have coming to us.

Glad I'm single with no kids because the future is DIM.

Have fun ya'll.

Anonymous said...

Unless you stutter, it's "y'all".

Anonymous said...

oa, good point. Misuse language approprately. anon, presuming you are one of us: When I was 17 I felt exactly the same. Things happened, and I no longer think all Americans suck. Many, maybe--most of the human race itself sucks. Oddly enough, it was my response to certain dogma, expressed from above during my higher education, that got me to that point.

I seldom question people's choice of strong language, since I revere it so much myself, but I wonder what in the world is pejorative about "pussy." In repose, they're compact and fairly efficient. Aroused, they are the gods' greatest gift to holders and beholders both, and I think I speak without fear of contradiction when I say many females will agree with me on that point. I never call someone a "dick" without appending "limp," to make it something useless and repellent, you see, and I'll use that C-word too, if properly modified. I see what you're trying to say here, but some other organ would illustrate your point without dragging in my emotional baggage. Islands of Langerhans, for instance. To the best of my remembrance, I've never had a meaningful relationship with anyone expressed through her Islands of Langerhans. I'm working up to it, though.