Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A request from a good man:

Seen at Carteach0's blog:
As much as I live by the law of true tithing, I am picky in how it's applied. That being so.... why am I willing to dive in on a food drive?

The simple fact is.... I've been there.

When I was young, there was a time my family had very little. How little........ I had a mattress on the floor and that was pretty damn good. Mom figured out how to cook three meals a day in an electric coffee pot and we didn't go hungry, not really. It didn't last forever, but I never forgot.

With this food drive...... I have a scene in my mind.....

I see not just cases of food, but pallet loads. Stacked head high in bay after bay.

I see the folks from the food bank there.... staring at the results with their mouths open.... and I see a few of them with tears in their eyes.

I see the school administrators at a loss for words, and a local reporter taking pictures of what my class has done.

I see my students learning it's possible to pull together and do something so good they'll never forget it. For the rest of their lives they'll talk about the time they....... and they'll remember they can each make a difference if they try.

The canned food drive is over on November 20th.
That gives me only days to make this happen.
I already told my children's mother that 'my' Christmas present will be canned goods, and it will arrive early this year...
As in before the 20th.

Just by chance, if you want to take part in this, I would welcome the help. I'm not good at accepting help for myself, but I'm a whore for my students. To teach them
what they need, or help them out, I'll happily toss my own pride in the gutter if that's what it takes.

Help a brother out.

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Carteach said...

Thanks Tammy!
Lot's of folks stopping in to see what's going on, and one helping out as well. I really appreciate it, too.

The students started dribbling in their own canned good today.... we'll see if they can pick up some steam.
I told them it would be a downright shame if couldn't match a decrepit old fat man on something so worth doing.....