Tuesday, November 20, 2007


TStahl linked to an old thread at THR that I'd forgotten about. I'd even posted in it, saying:
"Did you Californians know that if you bury an environmentalist under the foundations of a nuclear power plant, it will appease the gods and ward off earthquakes? "
It was interesting to read a pre-Iraq, pre-Katrina speculation on the possible comming horrors of $2.00/gal gasoline!


Anonymous said...

population growth

Because Malthus was as wrong as Lysenko.

No, Tam, tell us how you really feel!

Anonymous said...

Can we bury more than one, please?

NotClauswitz said...

One is not enough, Gaia wants thousands!!

Billll said...

A bit of digging reveals that in 1972, 1 oz of gold would buy 32.67 gallons of regular gas. Today the same ounce buys 266 gallons. Gas is not becoming more expensive, the dollar is quickly becoming worthless.

hbuyolrx? What is this, the national achieves?