Sunday, May 09, 2010

Overheard in the Hallway:

RX: "Eric Holder's on TV, with an expression on his face like he's passing kittens."

Me: "That's his default expression. What's he going on about now?"

RX: "Something about the Taliban or right-wing extremist domestic terrorism or something. Which reminds me, there's a piece on Sarah Palin in the Indy Star..."


Joel said...

Eric Holder shouldn't be allowed near kittens. Or small children. Or heavy machinery. Or...

Hell, Eric Holder shouldn't be allowed.

Stranger said...

Actually, Eric Holder should be required to stand over heavy, rotating machinery, and dangle his tie in it.


Sendarius said...

Stranger, why stop at his TIE?

Joel said...

Okay, the tie thing works for me. But check first to make sure it isn't a clip-on.

I had a service manager once who always wore clip-on ties, after a more-than-usually disgruntled customer tried to spin him over his head by his tie. It took a couple of mechanics to reluctantly peel the guy off him. Reluctantly, because the manager wasn't our favorite person either, but strangling him was going a bit far.