Monday, August 02, 2010

I can see paradise by the Surefire light...

Kevin of took a four-hour low-light shooting course through Defend U.

In addition to valuable shooting skills and hands-on practice, he also acquired at least one totally awesome photo.


ExurbanKevin said...

You have no idea just how inadequate an otherwise perfectly good gun is at night until you do something like this. I couldn't get a sight picture at all unless I spilled a bit of the light from my flashlight on to the sights of my pistol.

It was a real eye-opener. I gotta get night sights and/or a laser for everything I want to carry, and fast.

Boat Guy said...

Hmmm. The best course I took using lights (now 8 years ago) didn't feature this problem. Sorta validates the installation of TruGlo's (damn their eyes for LOUSY - nonexistent actually - "customer service") on both of our XD's.

Fred said...

I need to get off my butt and write up the night shooting post I've been plotting for a while now. Let's just say that I've done some "no-light" force on force, and exchanged full loads with a good guy (I was playing bad guy) from less than 6 feet and we both scored NO hits (he even had a light!) That was an eye opener.
Needless to say, I'm a huge proponent of white lights attached to a fighting gun.

Anonymous said...

Night shooting tends to humble most of us because we don't get to practice it enough.

Henry County TN has a nice night match.

Our club will be have one in September. PLUG Advisory!

Everyone is welcome.


The Freeholder said...

If you think that is an awesome picture, consider night firing on a machine gun range using a dozen M-60s, tracer every fifth round. It looked like a Star Wars battle.

It was the highlight of basic training. Beat heck out of the tear gas house. :-)

inbredredneck said...

Ah, Freeholder, you bring back such wonderful memories. And somewhere 'tween those two was the joy of KP.
Did Basic with the M14 and loved that full-auto switch, but in AIT we got the funny Mattel toy. Never saw tracers for that, but that's okay 'cause the bad guys could only see muzzle flashes. The guy with the MG could always be found at the beginning of the stream of fireworks.
Never did get to see the Zippo-boats work at night. Bet that would've been really impressive.