Monday, August 02, 2010

Shooty Goodness...

I got out to the range yesterday morning a little later than planned, but it was uncrowded and, mirabile dictu, the far left lane, she was open!

I put a serious hurting on my .22 ammo can with the 22/45, call it 300 rounds. Also, the K-22, which had been inadvertently neglected on the last few range trips, got a bit of a workout. I had forgotten just what a joy that revolver was to shoot in double-action mode. And you can Mozambique the zombie target twice with it! Popop-Pop! Popop-Pop!

For some reason I shoot better at speed with the DA revolver than the SA auto, perhaps because the double-action wheelygun trigger gives my trigger finger something to do between sight alignments rather than just sitting idly around waiting to slap hell out of the trigger. That, and the weight and length of the trigger ensures that I am gripping the gun firmly.

The Para LTC is acting up. I came into a broad selection of commercial 9mm JHP ammo recently and just dumped it in the range can. Some of the loads use what appears to be a Sierra JHP, stubby and with a fairly blunt ogive, which noses into the feed ramp if it's the top round in the magazine when the gun is loaded from empty and the magazine is loaded with seven or more rounds; something's wonky with the feed lip geometry. It goes "Seat mag. Run slide, which grinds to a halt halfway closed. Slap mag floorplate sharply to jar bullet nose up, and slide finishes closing."

Granted, the gun hasn't been cleaned in a while, and it had been flawless with both FMJ and the 147gr Winchester and Federal JHP I'd been running in it for many, many months, but this is annoying.

Or, you know, I could just not shoot that brand of stubby, blunt ogive JHP bullets in it and be happy. "Doctor, it hurts when I do this."
"Then stop doing it."


SpeakerTweaker said...

This is a completely rookie comment! I'm asking because I don't know: is it wrong to expect a mass-produced firearm to run any mass-produced ammo?

I know it's common - and I've heard it a lot more with 1911s than anything else - to hear that "she don't run good on (insert cartridge here)." I'm just wondering if that really is acceptable, or is a sign that something is actually wrong.


Tam said...

In a perfect world (and on the internets) all guns are perfect with all ammunition. In real life, it ain't always so.

Crucis said...

Before I forget, let me know what you think of that Buffalo Bore. I went to my local Cabelas and they were out of stock. A local PD who still uses wheelguns(!) bought'em out. Must have been from one of the smaller towns.

I put my order in on-line and it'll be here next week. I still have a box on-hand---just in case. ;-)

ToddG said...

Awesomely overheard at the range this afternoon...

Shooter: My 1911 is misfeeding the last round every time with JHPs.

"Gunsmith"/RO: Does it work with 230gr hardball?

Shooter: Yes.

"Gunsmith"/RO: Then it's working just fine.

Ritchie said...

My 1911 Frankengun eats up #452460-pattern SWCs like big fat lead candy. These have the short nose profile, unlike a common long-nose profile variant. Which caused frequent stoppages early into a 500 piece box. So now I also have a Franken-barrel-throat and reformed purchasing ways.

Tam said...

My Glock 30 wouldn't eat plated 200gr SWC from Georgia Arms to save its life.

So I didn't use it in the gun and was happy. :D

For an alloy 9mm with a 4.25" ramped barrel, I've been pretty impressed with the LTC. So there are one or two loads it won't feed off the top of the mag when it's dry & dirty. Okay, I don't use them. Problem solved.

joe said...

My 5" springfield behaves similarly with WWB. Solution: use GA Arms, which is flawless. Ironically, the 22/45 chokes on CCI Stinger when it's the next-to-last round in the mag. Weird. I can have rounds 1-8 and 10 be the CCI, as long as #9 is something else, it runs just fine.

Will said...

besides cleaning/lubing, you might check the recoil spring. And, is the round showing signs of setback? One other problem area that can slow down the slide is the disconnector.

Tam said...


Everything checks fine. The fact that it's just the top round (and only when the mag has seven or more rounds) leads me to believe it's just an issue with the feed geometry.

It hasn't been a big enough hassle to get me to try some different mags (Wilsons or Metalforms). Mostly I'm just tickled that an alloy 9mm Commander runs at all.