Monday, August 02, 2010

Something's rotten in Denmark.

So, as you have all no doubt heard, the NRA and the gun lobby callously murdered a helpless tot in suburbia again last week.

Well, actually, the tot was more in "urbia" than "suburbia". And the house was full of dope. Which, you know, made the presence of the gun pretty much de facto illegal.

And the tot was the daughter of the mother by a different boyfriend; the four-year-old accused triggerman was the son of the current boyfriend.

The current boyfriend who had allegedly left his very loaded, very large and heavy .45 on the kitchen counter. Which the precocious toddler somehow accessed and manipulated well enough to hit the daughter by another babydaddy right in the noggin. Amazing prowess for a preschooler, there. Must be all that X-Box.
Police say Fiona Lee was showering while her boyfriend, 23-year-old Curtis White, was downstairs with Aunesti, White's son and one other child.

At one point, White's four-year-old son grabbed a loaded handgun off the kitchen counter and fired the shot that hit Aunesti, police say.

Officers say Lee saw the gun should have put it away.

Police are looking for Curtis White, who police say has an extensive criminal record, they say they want to question him.
Yeah. I'd want to question him, too.

The NRA didn't cause this; the NRA works hard to prevent this. Remember kids, Eddie Eagle says "When you see a gun, stop! Don't smoke dope! Don't shoot your girlfriend's child in the head!"


SpeakerTweaker said...

Boy, howdy, you get into the comments section on these stories - particularly when viewed through English goggles - and everything goes to hell in a hand basket.

Apparently, having a child is bad if you have a gun. Who knew?


Lewis said...

Pronounced "Honesty" one supposes?

Nathan said...

Children don't kill children with a big heavy 1911. Criminal adults kill children with a big heavy 1911.

FWIW, when I first read "And the house was full of dope", I misread it as "And the house was full of HOPE".


Matt G said...

Tam, you only say that, 'cuz you're part of the vast multinational gun lobby.
And their conspiracy.
Which is fueled by wheelbarrows full of money.

Boat Guy said...

Rather doubt these kids would have the advantage of the Eddie Eagle program (despite my current ire at NRA I DO really like ol Eddie). Pretty sure Eddie Eagle is persona non grata in most of "urbia" since "everyone knows" Eddie is part of the "vast right-wing conspiracy".
However sad for the young'un this is natural selection at work...

Rob K said...

Being in possession of both a 4 year-old son and a .45 Colt Commander, I think you're on to something here. Even with two hands, my son couldn't hold that gun up and reach the trigger.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Why do I hear a certain Rage-o-meter in Mass. flinging itself to pieces all the way over here in Ohio?

John A said...

Mom will not win much in the way of support from me, but this -

"Officers say Lee saw the gun should have put it away."

Uh... when she saw it her boyfriend had it, then she left. HE should have been more careful.

OK, she should as well, but come on - if my sister brings a pistol on a visit I know she knows it can be dangerous, and probably would not grab it from her to put in a cupboard. Might suggest it if there is a toddler around, but she is a grownup. Of course, I know she would not put it on a table and walk away...

Don said...

You guys are so cynical. What if the kid was *cleaning* the gun, and that's what made it go off? I understand that cleaning guns is actually statistically slightly more dangerous than combat.

Actually, if I may be serious for a moment, that cop in California who sued Glock and the LA cop shop was supposedly shot through the lower back by his three-year-old son with a Glock 21 he left on the back seat, loaded, with the unrestrained tot. I doubt that was a whole lot lighter than the average 1911, and in fact, we don't actually know that the child was supposed to have lifted the gun off the counter and carried it anywhere.

In short, in all seriousness, I can actually believe this could have happened more or less as described. If it didn't, I imagine that if there's much of an investigation, that should come out.

Tam said...


"In short, in all seriousness, I can actually believe this could have happened more or less as described. If it didn't, I imagine that if there's much of an investigation, that should come out."

I agree that it is within the realm of possibility, and perhaps I am being too cynical.

Sabra said...

Within the realm of possibility? Yes. Likely? No.

We were going through some gun-safety stuff last night with the girls with Erik's Ruger P90--not a heavy weapon, at all. Granted, we didn't let them anywhere near the trigger when they were touching it, so I cannot speak to my four-year-old's ability with that, but she didn't have the manual dexterity necessary to manipulate much of anything on the gun (hell, she wasn't able to snap the holster), and she's on target for her age so far as physical skills go. My six-year-old wasn't much better, and she's the strongest of her sisters.

Uh... when she saw it her boyfriend had it, then she left. HE should have been more careful.

Yeah, NO. Should my boyfriend have ever been dumb enough to leave one of his guns within reach of the kids, you can damn well bet I'd say something to him about it. Loudly. And with multiple curse words. What I would NOT do would be wander off while the weapon was still unsecured. Sorry, like my kids a bit too much for that.

Charles Pergiel said...

Oh, come on guys, you know it wasn't the kid, it was the gun. The gun just upped and shot that little kid. Guns be bad. Kids shouldn't have guns. I was going to say something about it being a house full of kids, and no adults present, but that would be tacky, wouldn't it?