Friday, October 22, 2010

Dan Coats courts the Dimwit Vote.

Listen to the actual words here:

Did you get that? That dastardly Ellsworth wants to kick grandma off Medicare and into a government health care program!

At least it's not as stupid as the one that denounces the "Ellsworth/Pelosi/Obama Agenda". Because, you know, the Speaker of the House and the President of the United States pulled quite a few all-night skull sessions with some junior woodchuck Congresscritter from Indiana, getting that agenda all set up.

Just once I'd like to see one of these commercials where you actually hear the script get crumpled up and the voice-over dude yell "No! That's retarded! I refuse to read it!"

I have no intention of voting for Ellsworth, but I'm beginning to feel a lot better about not voting for Coats, either. Judging from his ads, I'm not his target market, anyway.


JB Miller said...

I cannot wait until this election is over.

Frank W. James said...

What a miserable field of Senatorial candidates here in Indiana this year. Coats is the slimest of Washington politicians and he doesn't own a home in Indiana.

Plus, many forget how he stabbed gunowners straight in the back, way back in 1994.

May he rot in a retirement home...

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Stranger said...

Weeell - I get a thousand dollar shot in the eye once a month. Medicare and my supplement policy paid - at a cost to me of just over $250 a month.

Under the O'mans scheme Medicare will pay about 65%. Raising the cost to the supplemental policy and eventually the premium. To about $375 a month.

But the doctor tells me he's thinking of going home. Where there is no state run health care. And he's the only retina specialist accepting new patients within 400 miles.

And then there is/was my GP. And my cardiologist. I hear from the docs I drink coffee with they are both thinking of quitting. And the medical schools are not turning out nearly enough new docs to fill the need.

So while I have made a couple of posts about Coats record - I will grant him a point. Not that I would vote for him - but he gets one point.


The Jack said...

I remember when Prof Reynolds interviewed Coats and asked him about his AWB vote and if he would vote for it again.

If memory serves: he said it was the right vote at the time but now it's not needed because the threat of Russian weapons and gangs is over.

So... yeah.

NotClauswitz said...

But isn't the Government Health Care Program actually the Free Wonderful Beneficent Governmental Unicorn Rainbow Garden Health Care and Spa plan?

ThomasF said...

I get to not vote between RINO Kirk and Mobster Ginoulious, frick I want this cycle to be over soon.....

Luckily my area looks to be getting rid of three raging libs this cycle, Gov. Quinn, Rep. Halvorson, and her replacement at the state level, Toi Hutchison....

Anonymous said...

Tam - Judging from his ads, I'm not his target market, anyway.

Just because you've got more than two functioning brain cells doesn't mean that he doesn't still want and need your vote!

Still, your statement leads to an amusing mental image. As I understand it, Geico has a set of commercials so they can hit various demographics: the caveman, the gecko, etc. Picture a politician reviewing campaign spots:

"OK, I think we've hit the white suburban professionals, the stay-at-home moms, retirees, and [insert minority here]. What have we got for ignorant morons? Nothing? NOTHING AT ALL??? Dammit, this race is close: me election DEPENDS on getting those people to the polls! Get on this right away!"

markm said...

I'm two or three hundred miles north of Tam in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Judging by what's cluttering up my mailbox, this is one strange campaign season. The Tea Party swept the Republican primaries. That doesn't keep the Republican committee from mailing out lots of ads, but every one attacks a Democrat without mentioning that there's someone running against him.

Then there's the one series that is actually for a candidate. It says their guy is a small businessman and will be business-friendly and fiscally conservative. He's running for what was once Gerald Ford's seat in Congress, and according to the pamphlets must be a reincarnation of Ford. (Except for the "played football without a helmet too much", "can't chew gum and walk" thing.) But it's funny, he wasn't in the Republican primary. Finally, on the last page in very small print I find that it was issued by the Democratic party.

So, the Republican establishment can't bring themselves to actually campaign for the Republican candidates and the best lie the Democrats can find to tell about their guy is that he's a moderate Republican...