Friday, October 08, 2010

"Hey, Doc, this horse don't seem to be recoverin'!"

"Well, shoot it in the head again."

Dig faster! You'll get out of that hole eventually!

(H/T to ThunderTales.)


Skip said...

I would do precious metals but when it hits the fan, can we eat it?
I will stock up on survival stuff and ammo. Barter?
WTSHTF I will be a robber. Who knew, the 52% who WON?

Boat Guy said...

Given that Bernacke et al have NO CLUE as to how they dug the hole in the first place, do we now expect some kinda epiphany?
Inmates - 10, Asylum - 0

Joanna said...

Dig far enough, you end up in China.

oh wait.

Standard Mischief said...

If you want inflation, you could just will some money into existence and mail all the taxpayers a check, but they won't be doing that. Instead, they'll issue a crapload of T-bills and sell them all to the largest banks. Then those banks will sell the bills right back to the federal reserve at a profit. And they'll call it "Son of Quantitative Easing".

Robin said...

The Democrats know their policies are destructive of our economy.

They don't care.

Remember that in November.

Joseph said...

People are saving, not spending, because the economy is in bad shape. Putting the economy in even worse shape is not going to help.

And I don't need a Ph.D or economics degree to know that.

Unknown said...

Considering that consumer price inflation is already higher than the Official Numbers, if further inflation of the money supply occurs, we'll see even higher price inflation.


But with real assets already in decline, the net result will be a notable, visible Stagflation such as we had in the late 1970s/early 1980s--except worse.