Monday, October 18, 2010


The fingers on my right hand are sore and tender. So's the palm. My right shoulder is sore, too. I forgot to put any kind of sun protection on my lips.

Other than that, I'm feeling surprisingly chipper. I think I'll take a pass on raking the front yard today, though. Maybe it will rain a little to keep me from feeling guilty about it.


Tango Juliet said...

Some warrior you are.


Tam said...

I'll say this: If I'd shot this course with either of my 20 lpi checkered guns, my hands would have been hamburger by the end of TD1.

There was a big guy, and I mean MattG-big, there shooting a Glock 19, and the top of the web of his shooting hand was a bloody mess. He was a phenomenal shot, and I have no clue how he cowboyed up through that.

I don't feel bad coming in last in an eight-person class where four shooters made "Advanced". ;)

Tango Juliet said...

Glocks do the same thing to me. I haven't learned to grip 'em properly, not that I put in much time learning how.

A 20 lpi .45 would be hard on anything but the most calloused of hands.

Sounds like you were running with a bunch of very solid shooters. You learned a bunch. That's what really matters.

Anonymous said...


It should be noted that you carried your gun the most concealed of all of us. You were also by far the safest of us all and more "real-world" than all of us combined. Not to sound chauvinistic(?) but you also performed well surrounded by type A men! I thought highly of you when I left that class and hope to see you next year!