Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pair o' Sightings...

Bobbi has a post noting that the commercial from Dan "RINO" Coats, wannabe Senator (R-IN), which I mocked the other day, appears to have been filmed at a couple of locations in my beloved Broad Ripple neighborhood.

I hope he wasn't bitten by any of the local fauna. The squirrels and raccoons are pesky enough around here without them coming down with a bad case of politicus candidatus. Instead of chewing on the house and digging up my feeble attempts at gardening, they'll be burying their ACORNs in my mailbox and tearing the trash bags open to stuff them full of glossy four-color campaign fliers.


John A said...

Loved the first comment there, too. "Processed tree bark" indeed.

Nathan said...