Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fun Show Today.

I'm about to head out the door for the Indy 1500.

I'm getting the hankering for another Mauser carbine of some sort, and in the principle of keeping things balanced, I'll probably take my Portuguese Mauser-Vergueiro 1904/M39, just in case. Maybe I can turn it into an Argie carbine, and maybe I'll still have the Portugee at the end of the day. Either outcome is fine with me.

Also, I need to restock .45ACP ammo.


Anonymous said...

Good hunting

Drang said...

Us, too. OK for .45 ACP, but I need more .38 defensive loads. Although I may stock up on .45, juts because.

Sport Pilot said...

Best carbine I've ever bought is the FR-8, in .308. you'd have to talk sweet, twist my arm and have someone hold my dog hostage to get me to trade it.

Overload in Colorado said...

weird question you might know the answer to:
Has anyone made a pistol grip lever-action rifle? Is there some technical or other reason why you can't or wouldn't want to make one?
Overload in CO

Anonymous said...

"...maybe I'll still have the Portugee at the end of the day."

Assuming that had something to do with the Mauser...imagine my surprise:


For an old, coarse, and jaded guy, I am just such an innocent sometimes.

Question is, why the eff would you want to bring that back home?


og said...

You know, all you have to do is let me know and I can bring you some good cheap Precision Cartridge stuff down. It's very good practice ammo, if you're looking for high end stuff nevermind.

JPG said...

Overload in Colorado - -

Have you ever heard of the Marlin model 336, or the "classic" Marlin 1895? And the Marlin 1895SBL?

Certain of the Winchester 1894s come with pistol grip. And the old Model 64 did, years ago.

Run a Google search for Images, Marlin rifles and Images, Winchester rifles.

Overload in Colorado said...

those are pistol grip style forstocks, but I was asking about a pistol grip that protrudes down from the rifle. Look at pictures of a M1 Carbine vs an M1 Carbine Paratrooper.

To misquote Carolyn McCarthy: its the handgrip thing that goes down.

Thinking about it, I guess you could build it into the lever somehow so you wouldn't have to change your grip much to cycle the action.

Butch_S said...

@Overload in Colorado:

Yes, the british made LA-30.

Buffboy said...

Hope you had fun at the show. I went to one too. Did a little swapping and wound up with one of those GSG 1911 22s. Only about 50rds down the pipe but I'm liking it so far.