Saturday, October 30, 2010

That was interesting.

I rarely get a good, straight-forward monster dream, but I had a doozie last night, complete with all the good monster dream paraphernalia: the rags of cloud scudding across the full moon, the old graveyard, the hordes of dead-eyed shambling zombies, and the creepy vampire kid that looked like a three-foot Chuckie doll with fangs.

Shootin' Buddy was in it, and at one point was explaining some abstruse politico-historical point to me while I was rolling around on the floor and yelling "Will you get this zombie off me?!?"


Anonymous said...

You ain't gotta be Dr. Freud to figure that one out...

The zombies are the libs and SB is the "adult" in the driver's seat calmly and cluelessly intoning "Now, now...calm down, we've got this ol' red bus under control now..."


Mossyrock said...

That will teach you to lay off the pepperoni pizza with chocolate sauce right before bed!

Laughingdog said...

That beats my dream last night. I was very thankful to wake up after dreaming that I had, for some reason, decided to leave my job and re-enlist in the Navy.

Steve Skubinna said...

Laughingdog, I sometimes dream that I re-upped. Then I always wake up and realize, thank goodness, I'm not back in the Canoe Club. Still just a mariner with MSC.


Anyway, that confession doesn't leave this blog, all right? It would kill my poor aged parents. As far as they know I sell crack to school kids.

Joanna said...

Yeah, that sounds like Shootin' Buddy.

Brad K. said...

@ Laughingdog,

I got out April, 1980. And still get the 'wandering the old ship' dreams, lost in passages and floor hatches I never saw, meeting in barracks I never saw, bunking in departments I never worked in. Down to the showers and sinks - that I never saw.

Keep the dreams light, and let the yuppies preen about "service to their country". Even without injuries, without trauma, without emotional scars - there is more to service than mere experience.

I figure, there is something in service that might still draw me - but not that much anymore. I still miss those old 10 and 12 cent Superman and Donald Duck comics my Mom gave away, and the Doc Savage series, too. I don't try to return to those days, either.

@ Tam,

A part of your inner child demands that you build a haunted house experience to delight the shootin' buddies of the neighborhood and the neighbors, too.

The part about fighting something that the rest of the world seems to accept, is from some (horrible) decision coming up. Remember - you both have the problem (whatever it is) at your throat, and you also see it (from Shootin' Buddy's shoes) as acceptable - either benign or an acceptable loss.

The Zombie theme might be indignation at how the financial pundits keep referring to the "Quantitative Easing" - printing money to devalue what is already in circulation - as "zombie money". That or the pizza was too much, too late at night. With maybe too much sugar and caffeine accompaniment, and watching a couple of zombie or monster flicks in the last few days.

. . There isn't some Democrat running for the Senate you are thinking about voting for, are you? That would be a conflict worth hospitalizing, maybe.

Nancy R. said...

Shootin' Buddy and Shorter Half must share DNA, because that is exactly what he'd do. s

Cargosquid said...

My wife works with the sister of the man who invented Chuckie. Very disconcerting to find a large Chuckie staring at you from a poster when you enter her cubical at work.

Montie said...


Speaking of Zombies, are you aware of the 13 part AMC channel series titled "The walking Dead". It looks to be pretty good. It starts Sunday night Oct. 31st appropriately enough.