Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yes, and...?

I just got an email from the NRA with the header "VOTE!"

I didn't even open it because I was sure there wouldn't be a way to reply "TOO LATE!"

(..and, having just typed this, I realize that it is fraught with double entendres.)


Themadlemming said...

Well, today, I had an actual member of the local Socialist Party come by and tried to get me to vote their way on Tuesday. It was all I could do to just say "No, thanks for your time".

Brad K. said...


The Socialist Party? Did they mention if they will draft B. Hussein Obama in a couple of years, for their candidate, maybe with Hillary C. as running mate?

Did they support or oppose ObamaCare, the Food Safety Administration bill coming up (S.510) that threatens to drive farmers and others from farming and gardening, and driving food prices up?

Themadlemming said...

Actually, the conversation didn't make it that far. I politely explained that I'm an independant with Libertarian leanings and that her party and I were on opposite sides of the political spectrum. I thanked her for her time and then returned to watching Pale Rider on DVD.

Laughingdog said...

Apparently I'm more naive than I thought, because I don't see any double entendres there.

Tam said...

"Too late" in that I already voted, "too late" for me to uncritically accept the NRA's voting suggestions, and "too late" to vote our way out of this mess.

roy in nipomo said...

Too late for the soap box.
Too late for the ballot box.

Does that mean also too late for the jury box and only leaves the cartridge box? Or do you see it another way?

Brad K. said...

roy in nipomo

That has always been the threat that leaders present when they stray outside legal limits and requirements. Placing Supreme Court justices that have little regard for the Constitution, in favor of their personal prejudices, raises that deadly spectre.

What *did* Obama do to get Justice Souter to retire?

Straying from the Rule of Law is a slippery slope, inviting vigilantes and revolutionaries - and motivating patriots and folk trying to survive.

Paul said...

I'm afraid the the early paper votes will be the ones converted. It has always amazed how one voting station will find "boxes" of uncounted early votes that are all for the Democrat.

We will see clearly after next tuesday the future that approached darkly. Enjoy the NFL while you can.

Tam said...


"Enjoy the NFL while you can."

The hell is that supposed to mean?