Friday, October 15, 2010

Overheard in Roomie's Bedroom:

The TeeWee reporter was reminding the viewing public that the vaccination deadline for Indianapolis Public Schools students was drawing nigh, which caused Bobbi to pipe up:
RX: "...and remember: if your child doesn't have its shots and bites someone, it'll have to be put down."


Stuart the Viking said...

You didn't get your shots little Freddie, so this is for your own good "You're ugly and your Momma dresses you funny." There, now go back to class.


staghounds said...

No, twice.

Even a dog gets one free bite.

Anonymous said...

1. Vaccinations protect from disease
2. Non-vaccinated kids can get the diseases

How does it follow that
3. When Vaccinated & sick non-vaccinated kids get together, EVERYONE ends up sick?

The answer, in my opinion, is that many vaccines DO NOT WORK all the time. My solution is that they be improved or discontinued. I was vaccinated against measles, mumps, Polio, & chicken pox & came down with 3 versions of the measles & the chicken pox!


Ulises from CA

HTRN said...

Ulises from CA, look up "Herd immunity".

LabRat said...

Now I've just got Morbo in my head.


Anonymous said...

I looked up "herd immunity" and found it interesting. Sadly, this didn't protect me.

To clarify my position, I don't see how my immunization served me. When I needed it, it failed me. Perhaps the doses were "blanks" for those of us in the ghetto at that time.

My thoughts only, best regards. And don't come near me if you have mumps .... !

Ulises from CA