Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Home Security...

SayUncle linked to a developing story on a home invasion in south Knoxville (for those not knowledgeable about the K-town metro area, that's the "You Can't Get There From Here" part of town.)

It seems that a pair of ne'er-do-wells busted up into a house, scuffling with the husband and shooting him, before the missus scooped up a .357 and rather comprehensively aired one of the goblins out, causing the other to flee into the night.

One sentence in the story stood out to me:
DeBusk said two suspects knocked on the door of the home and "then kicked in the door."
Up here in far-off frozen cold north Yankee land, most houses have a thing called a "storm door", which is much like the screen doors you'd sometimes see back home, but with glass instead mesh.

Roseholme Cottage does not have a regular storm door. It has an ornamental-looking-but-extremely-sturdy barred door, set into a beefy frame. This door opens outward. It is not going to get "kicked in". This makes me a lot happier when answering the door.


Keads said...

Several manufactures offer storm doors with real deadbolts (3)and security glass. I have one, love it.

wv- noncra The door has noncra glass.

Freiheit said...

I've got an iron door like Tamara does. Its 6 feet from a floor to ceiling window. The door will help knock-and-rush entry but it does have limitations.

Tam said...

"The door will help knock-and-rush entry but it does have limitations."

True. That's all it's really good for.

BobG said...

"The door will help knock-and-rush entry but it does have limitations."

As long as it makes the entrance noisy, and slows down the goblin, that is all that is needed for the homeowner to prepare to meet him with the favored weapon of choice.

Anonymous said...

Here in the land of Oz where home break-ins are a national pastime, they use a screen door (and window screens) that uses stainless steel mesh for the screen. Impervious to most anything not fired out of a gun, which are mostly illegal here anyway. Guess the gov wants the bad guys to have that nice warm feeling knowing the home owners are unarmed.

Anonymous said...

When officers arrived they found Joshua Dexter Watson, 24, of Knoxville dead from multiple wounds administered by a .357-caliber revolver belonging to the homeowners, DeBusk said.

A .357 that shoots felons all by itself? I want one! Perhaps I can let it wander around the neighbourhood doing society some good, six at a time!

...Good grief. Typical obsolete media.


SpeakerTweaker said...

You know, I never thought about having a door like that until just now. Guess I know what I'll be doing with part of my Christmas money.



Ian Argent said...

While "administered *with*" would have been a more accurate phrasing, I can't get too wound up over the us of "by". The additional air vents are courtesy a wheel-gun whose boxed lunches are labeled either .38spl or .357mag.