Thursday, November 18, 2010

*Howls and shakes bowcaster*

Claire Wolfe linked to my blog. Awesome!

My wookie-suiter chops are now impeccable.


Joe said...

Very cool, Tam.

Anonymous said...

Huh. Way I see it, Claire Wolf is the lucky one. :)

McVee said...

Sometimes it's the smallest ray of sunshine that makes our day glow. Neat.

aczarnowski said...

If, like Chewbacca, you're actually the leader of the resistance hiding in plain sight you might need to check Claire for double agency.

theirritablearchitect said...

7:44 has it right, it's the other way 'round.

John B said...

Yes I am SO jealous!

But then I fail to be a messiah by Louis LAmore definition.

According to Barnabas Sackett, "A phophet should come down from the mountain, not get up from the supper table."