Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Overheard in the Kitchen:

Me: "'Scuse me..."

RX: "Sorry, I don't mean to be in your way."

Me: "No, I was going to sneak behind you so I wouldn't be in yours. Ah, the graceful ballet of the galley-style kitchen..."

RX: (instantly thrown into free-association mode) "The Spandau Ballet of the Galley Kitchen... The Galley Kitchen Goes To War... The Galley Kitchen Sees A Ghost... It could be a series of children's books!"


Blackwing1 said...

I'll stick my oar in the water, and suggest, "Slaves of the Galley Kitchen". Snicker.

wv: Phogma - what a confused person substitutes for dogma.

McVee said...

Throw a couple of misc pets in and you got an action series!

WV: nonnica: the daughter we never had.

Unknown said...

I swear, that sounds like my house.

Anonymous said...

I first read "Spandex Ballet"

Then re-read Spandau. But with two lady cyclists, maybe it is Spandex