Monday, February 28, 2011

Because misery loves company...

...I would like to present you with this morning's earworm, which can be found here at Brian J. Noggle's.

If you bop into the office today singing that jingle out loud, it's totally your own fault.


Josh Kruschke said...

Question: Why would anyone want to get involved with some one slowly killing themselves with food?


Maura said...

Wow, Josh. Holier than Thou, much? Must be glorious to be thin up on that perch of yours.

Anonymous said...

"Why would anyone want to get involved with someone slowly killing themselves with (fill in the blank)."

1. Inhaling gunpowder and lead fumes at a shooting range.

2. Wasting away in an office instead of doing healthy, outdoor work, like Lumber-jacking.

3. Growing older, minute by minute, breathing in oxygen, a known corrosive.

Feel free to add your own.

North said...

Why would anyone want to get involved with someone who has a big nose?

Why would anyone want to get involved with someone who has pets?

Why would anyone want to get involved with someone from another country?

Why would anyone want to get involved with someone who is a Jew?

Why would anyone want to get involved with someone who has such black skin?


Sorry that I helped pollute your thread, Tam. I can't stand bigotry and intolerance. I felt I needed to speak out against Joshkie's narrow-minded prejudice - that type of thing doesn't deserve to be on your excellent blog.

Tam said...


It's cool. It gets a lot more free-for-all than that around here at times. ;)

North said...

Tam, I sincerely respect you. I hope that your "it's cool" isn't in reference to the bigotry, but that you are accepting of opinion.

I've done too much. Josh spoke his bit, I spoke against him. I'll go back into hiding, now.

Tam said...


"...but that you are accepting of opinion."

This. :)

The only things that get deleted from comments here are spam posts. And then only if they're not funny.

(Oh, and that one guy with diarrhea of the keyboard, who was copypastaing stuff from his conspiracy blog last April at a comment-per-minute clip. His stuff went away, too...)

Anonymous said...

...And here I was a little troubled last night for having "99 Bottles of beer on the wall" stuck in my head.


North said...

I shall, just for you m'lady, endeavor to make my replies more laconic/funny and less verbose/diarrhea.

Thanks for the clarification. I'm back to lurking, now.

NotClauswitz said...

Never found the suicidally skinny or self-starving sack-of-bones look to be very attractive.

Andrew said...

Dang you, Brian J. Noggle. Dang you to heck, sir.

And you, too, Tam, for spreading the virus.

Eric Wilner said...

That's a pretty feeble earworm.
For an effective flush, I suggest "The Graviportal Polka". Doesn't seem to be available on the Interwebs; I'll have to rummage through my CD collection for it.
("Stamp your feet, slap your tail, seven on the Richter scale...")

GuardDuck said...

It's a sadly narrow path you tread when you only allow yourself black and white choices in a shades of gray world.

Josh Kruschke said...

I just love how some just assumed that I am naturaily skinny to have the opinion that I do.

So if the add had of been about smokers having a place to meet other smokers and I said why would any one want to date someone slowly killing themselves by smoking, would I have gotten the same responces?

I believe being fat is a choice one make evertime they choose what to eat.

Maybe I am being judgemental, but it is using a standard that I hold myself to.

Should I be happy for them that they are taking the easy way out, and not looking after their own health?

One of the biggest cost drivers in health care is preventable illness.

I fight the good fight every day to keep my weight down and to lead a more healthy lifestyle. I try to keep my BMI between 8 and 18%. It is when you go out side of this that it effects your health.

Why should I have any respect for those who dont respect themselves?

And I couldn't or wouldnt want to date anyone like that. All that website does is enable poeple to not face the fact that what they are doing is bad for them.


CGHill said...

And when you're run over by a bus, you can complain to St. Peter: "But I had an acceptable BMI!"

You might want to look up the phrase "target of opportunity." For future reference, doncha know.

atlharp said...

It's nice to know there is a place where you won't be judged for eating a whole box of doughnuts.

Anonymous said...

If you want something different to run laps through your head, have Beaker!


Josh Kruschke said...

Why is it exceptable to judge a heroin addict or some who smokes or a lot of other life choices? We will look at an some who anorexic and try to entraveen. To little food bad, to much food ok.

Let's have a little consistence in what's ok to judge.

I had an aunt who die in her early 40's do to her weight and congenital heart failure and left two daughter behind to grow up with out her. Sorry if I don't feel we should be condoning or encouraging obesity.

To cooped something Ben Franklin said about the poor. "Maybe the best thing we can do for the over weight, Is make them uncomfortable in it."


John said...

Dear Joshkie,

I endorse health-destructive behavior wholesale. We have far too many peeple on this oxygen bulb,and the sooner it returns to a hunter & gatherer sized population, the better. A major pandemic that targets skinny folks, as that is whom seems to be overproducing in the third world & slums in general, should do the trick.

That'll leave a lot of formerly skinny, but now fashionable chunky-plus sizes in the US. But the bright side is that they'll croak early from all that poor health and do their part to a better tomorrow, too.

See? All ya really need is some vision on this weight thing. Now go get a double order of KFC,with a McD followup. Every citizen must do patriotic duty, comrade.

Pig out at the Earworm Cafe, and relax. Now,if you want a deadly serious target to argue about, let's get greasy about the life expectancy of winter-studded bycycle tyres and when to yank'emoff the pedal-sled.

Or not.

Tam said...


I like smoking. Yes, it will probably shorten my life, but I'd rather have 60 fun years than 80 boring ones being a judgmental prig.

But it is okay to make fun of fat people or anybody else in the comments section of VFTP if you want. After all, I make fun of the marginally-literate here all the time. :)

Josh Kruschke said...

Tam -

Show me where I made fun of anyone. By way I smoke to and we should really quit. I say that Tam because I like you and the longer you're in the world the better it will be.

I guess I should start & call for a boycott of the shows Heavy & The Biggest Losser.

All I suggested was how can anyone stand by while someone slowly kills themselves.

I'm going to smoke a bowl and do some coke; as life is short and I'm missing out.

Long live Charly Sheen,

Tam said...


"I'm going to smoke a bowl and do some coke..."

Rock on with your bad self. I'm all in favor of drug legalization. :)

North said...

Tam said: "I like smoking."

Can I be your smoking buddy? If you don't mind cigars, that is. I'll even share with you as we slowly kill ourselves.

P.S. I drink like a frigging fish, I smoke cigars, I'm overweight. I give myself until Friday.

Josh Kruschke said...

I'm for drug legalization to. People should have the right to make bad decisions and live with the consequences (or not). Being a little over weight is ok. Being 700lbs., bedridden and needing to be cut out of your house is anotherthing. It doesn't meen I have to condone or enable what they are doing.


staghounds said...

Josh, where you went wrong was with "anybody". Having a taste is one thing, universalising it is very different.

For example, "marginally literate" and "marginally literate in English".

So for that, here's a new ear worm.

Josh Kruschke said...

Stag -

You would have a valid point If I was condeming anyone which I was not. I was asking a question. I even wrote out 'Question' in front of it. I from my point of view can't understand how some of says they care about some would just go along with some hurting thenselves. It was an open ended question that anyone could try to answer.
If I was condeming a group, I would of said something like this, "Anyone that just stands by and let's another person harm themselves is just wrong." That is a statement.

I don't believe anyones even attempted to answer my question. They've just read into it and said I'm wrong for asking it, or just they been treating it as a statement of my beliefs.
The question was asked based on my beliefs with the hope someone could enlighten me; as to, what the flaw in this logic could be:
If I loves someone how can I enable them to harm themselves.
Or, how is having a website where like minded individuals can find other like minded individuals, so they can then feel better about their situation and continue to harm themselves is a good thing?

Oh well, live and learn,

Josh Kruschke said...

Sorry most of the some = someone.


Josh Kruschke said...

Sorry, Tam this was probably supposed be a light hearted post, and I had to go ask a question and get all serious.