Sunday, February 27, 2011

The free ice cream machine was down for maintenance today...

I took an Intarw3bz Sabbatical Day today.

Mostly I chilled and read a book on the front porch, whined about the boo-boo on my finger, and went to a fantastic blogmeet at the Monon Food Company, complete with special guests from Mordor to the west...

(Seeing Don Gwinn in meatspace is funny, because I've known him for, like, ten years on the intertubes, so it's always hard to remember I've only seen him in real life twice. There are people I wave at every day that I don't feel I know as well...)


Matt G said...

Heck, I've never shared meatspace with Don, and I feel the same, having known him for the same time (and pretty much in the same fashion) as yourself.
Then there's you, whom I met on one occasion spanning about 48 hours or so, in GA 7 years back. Seems weird to have such friends that I've barely seen in person. If it weren't for Oleg Volk and a few snapshots by Quinn and now Lyra, I would not even recognize our friend in Upper Cryogenica, if ever we meet.

Jim said...

Sounds like a pretty good Sunday to me!

(I mean, the damaged digit aside.)


Don Meaker said...

Hope your finger is better soon.

Picatinny Arsenal has a request for information on a new, light weight .50 caliber machine gun!

How cool is that?