Wednesday, February 02, 2011


...the power stayed on through the night.

45mph wind gusts were sending ice-covered tree branch fragments pelting off the side of the house. Several hit the windows hard enough to wake me up; it was like trying to sleep inside a bell being peppered with birdshot.

They're calling for more snow (albeit not much) and high winds for most of the day. If the power lines can survive 'til tomorrow afternoon, I'll feel like we're... er, out of the woods, as it were. While still actually being in the woods, I mean.


John Venlet said...


Windy and snowy all night here, last night, and currently breezy with lighter snow still falling. Looks to be about 10 to 12 inches on the ground, at the moment, with a bit of drifting going on.

My shovel is idling outside the garage. Time to suit up and have a go at it.

ViolentIndifference said...

I'm very glad that you see light at the end of your tunnel.

Good luck with the rest of your battle!

Blackwing1 said...

The arctic air currently hanging over Minnesnowta will be heading your way in a day or so. We had a low in the minus-single-digits this morning, and forecast for minus-double-digits tomorrow.

Whatever fell in Indy as liquid is going to be rock-solid in a day or two.

Tam said...


"Whatever fell in Indy as liquid is going to be rock-solid in a day or two."

Not much fell as liquid at all; it's been in the 20s here for days. Tonight they're calling for lows of anywhere from 0F to 4F, depending on who you believe.

Nathan said...

My poor car. Nearly half an inch of ice coating, grading up to an inch on the trunk lid (which was facing into the wind).

But the power stayed on, and the one tree I was worried about stayed up, and the van is in the garage without a speck of ice on it. And we had french toast for breakfast. So life is good :)

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Lost Angeles, it was a balmy 70 yesterday, with a low down to 55 last night.

My parents spend winters in Phoenix, away from their usual home in upstate NY.

Tam said...

"Meanwhile in Lost Angeles..."

My AR-15 keeps me warm. :p

Anonymous said...

Greetings from snowbound $hitcago:

Our lights flickered a couple of times but we made it through. Now to get rid of the snow, I have anywhere from a 5 foot drift to bare concrete. Boy am I glad my brother moved to Missouri and left me his snow blower.

Maybe he can get a carry permit but I get to use a free snow blower. Defense-free of course.


Blackwing1 said...

From what I remember, Roseholme Cottage doesn't have much in the way of insulation. Stay warm (a couple of cats in-and-around your legs make great little heating pads).

Britt said...

It's 63 degrees and partly sunny here in The Old Dominion.

Apparently the country is being buried like it did in that movie where the wolves and the super cold were menacing Dennis Quaid's kid.

Matt G said...

I WISH our power stayed on. Apparently, TX power plants were unprepared for dealing with the cold, and "an unknown amount, definitely in double digits" of TX power plants quit working because of the cold. Thus the ones still online are doing rolling blackouts in our area.

Oh, swell. It's 14 degrees, with an expected low of 7 again, tonight.

While we do have gas in the house, the furnace doesn't run without power. We've been cranking the stove.

Anonymous said...

Matt, hope you're leaving a window open and have a carbon monoxide alarm in good working order.

atlharp said...

Ah.....tree limbs pelting windows. It's just the old days when I lived amongst the coastal regions and endured hurricanes. 45 mph gusts? Try 130+ mph! Now you're talking FUN!