Sunday, February 06, 2011

Planet Matthews is a funny place.

Thanks to roomie's use of the TeeWee as an alarum clock, I toddled in there this morning just in time to turn the volume down on the dulcet tones of Chris Matthews & Guests, describing the current events on Planet Bicoastal.

Chris was going on about how American leaders have a habit of cozying up to Middle Eastern tyrants and that the "bowing and scraping" (his exact frickin' words) can get ridiculous. "zomg!" I thought, "Chris is actually turning against The Tingler!"

But then to illustrate his statement, what video did he roll? Barry kowtowing back in '09? No, silly! Bush and Abdullah holding hands in Crawford six years ago, of course! That was a far more embarrassing example of bowing and scraping than any actual, you know, bowing and scraping.

Roomie was not actually awakened by her television set, but by my cursing at it.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet Muir would have let them use his graphic here demonstrating proper bow&scrape technique:

I think that's Matthews right next to Gregory and the CNN guy.


Anonymous said...

My utter disgust with anything Matthews causes my thumb to depress the channel changer before my blood pressure starts to spike.


wv = kashonin - what that abysmal twit needs to do, soonest.

Borepatch said...

What's quite odd is that, despite this highly visual divide-by-zero error in their brains, they emain utterly convinced that we're the idiotic neandertals.

Joshkie said...

I all most didn't know who you were talking about as I know him by his given name 'You F'n Idiot.'
Please be more specific next time; as, I'm easily confused.

Thank you,

w. v. gremies What you get standing next to 'You F'n Idiot.'

Old NFO said...

Now Tam, you 'know' the WON can do no wrong in Matthews eyes... :-) And he'll go to any length to prove it...

Bubblehead Les. said...

The weird thing is these yahoos expect us to think they are telling the Truth. If these Lamestream Media Jerks like Matthews tried to sell that crap under the Nazi's, Goebbels would have fired them and sent them to the Russian Front as Land Mine Clearers just because of their incompetency. Even Baghdad Bob was more believable than these idiots.

og said...

Lol. I thought i was the last person on earth who had seen "The Tingler"

Steve Skubinna said...

They live in an echo chamber and don't know firsthand anyone on the right - save the "good" conservatives who can be counted on to stick a knife in, to keep on the guest list to all the cool cocktail parties.

So the only conservatives they argue with are the ones in their heads. In addition, it prevents them from having an inkling how stupid they look.

Kristopher said...

Tam: That's why she set it to go off on an MSM broadcast.

If she turned it up loud enough to wake her, there would be repercussions.

It doesn't have to be loud to annoy you into alarums and excursions for the entire neighborhood.

John B said...

That's why I don't use the TV as an alarum clock. Half awake, I might confound Simon, my Kel-Tec pf-9, with the remote.

Weetabix said...


I was going to make a joke about "The Tingler" but you beat me. One of the worst movies ever.