Saturday, October 15, 2011

Days of Pique.

Is it just me, or does that guy look like he's trying to get the ref to give the cop a yellow card? He's writhing more theatrically than a Spanish soccer player; I didn't put up that much of a fuss after dragging the splintered end of my tibia fifty yards down the asphalt of Peachtree Road. I especially like the part where he moves his foot from up by the front wheel and wedges it under the rear tire, just before kicking the scoot over and getting a hickory shampoo.

I had no idea until yesterday that the NYC protesters were holding their protest-cum-rave on private property. That changes my opinion considerably. You kids get off my lawn or I'll have the police turn loose the hounds on you. (Does the park not have a sprinkler system?)


Thomas Smith said...

Wow, run over by a bike traveling 0.05 MPH. That took some doing.

Anonymous said...

Scooters? NYC Cops on Scooters?
Laughing my ass off.
I'm sending to my friends in the Philly Highway Patrol unit.

That's more embarassing then mope rolling around on the ground.


Anonymous said...

i hope they beat the lil pos to death...
wv = chnif, the sound of a hippies head when you squish it...

og said...

If the cop was trying to do that, he would have aimed for the head. No damage to the bike would have resulted.

Matt said...

The "owners" of this private property (actually the owners of the owners) received Stimulus money from Obama. This crap has been bought and paid for.

Anonymous said...

and the only bathroom is McDonalds. hmm potential for serious enteric disorders?

Standard Mischief said...

>I had no idea until yesterday that the NYC protesters were holding their protest-cum-rave on private property.

Well there's an agreement - in writing - that the public has use of the park, given in exchange for permission to build taller I guess.

"Privately Owned Public Spaces, abbreviated as "POPS", are an amenity provided and maintained by a developer for public use, in exchange for additional floor area."

Anonymous said...

Fake. The lefties are milking it for all it is worth, though.

Standard Mischief said...

Oh there has GOT to be footage from another angle that shows this guy falling down in front of this nearly stationary bike on purpose. C- grade "Street Theater"

gamachinist said...

Wanna bet he has a lawyers card in his pocket or backpack?

Word verification:

How did they know I am such a poor typist?

Tam said...

I think his lawyer was on Olbermann mast night...

phlegmfatale said...

I keep thinking how incredibly bad this crowd must smell.

Anonymous said...

Hickory shampoo, lol!

Sometimes, I have to read your entries twice. You do have an interesting way with words.

Tam said...


"Scooters? NYC Cops on Scooters?"

Actually, when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense for dense urban areas.

Faster and carries more baggage than a bicycle.

Cheaper to operate, nimbler in tight spaces, and easier to get on and off quickly with a bat belt full of gear than a full-size motorcycle.

Seriously, how common are high-speed pursuits in Manhattan? You could replace one Crown Vic or Harley in three with one of those things and get more effective po-leecing for a lot less money.

Brad K. said...

The guy should ask ACORN for his money back.

He was so surprised, on the tail end of that crack binge, that acting out in front of the cops could get him hurt.

And besides, he was paid to protest *bankers*, not *Barack*.

wc, trattess. A young lady trat, er, tart. Like the uncouth young gentleman rolling around on the street.

Drang said...

Dirtcrashr has some info on the owners of Zacatti (sp?) Parl in Occupy Preparedness, or a Bicycle-Seat.
Their lobbyist in DC is Beau Biden.
Bloomberg's shack job is on their Board.
Theyn were the final TARP payola recipient, but their "green energy" subsidiary received mega-bux from DoE, such that their profit went from $450 million in '09 to $3.2 Billion in '10.

Anonymous said...

There is a great deal of moronity in those protests, but they do have a couple of points I agree with. One of which is, it's not really a 'free market' or 'capitalism' if you're gambling with money that you get to keep if you win, nut gets reimbursed by a government bailout if you lose.

There is way too much in-bed-together between the government and the financial sector these days... a point that the TEA party and the OWS hippies seem to have in common.

Which illustrates another point: when the way-left loonies and the way-right fringies start saying the same things, they're probably making a helluva lot more sense than the great mindless middle.

Carmel IN

Tam said...


"When buying and selling is controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators." -P.J. O'Rourke

NotClauswitz said...

The Tea Party and the organized OWS'ers have as much as a daily horoscope of Taurus in common, but an interesting tid-bit is the relationship(s) of the "Private Property" at which they are protectedly demonstrating and their usage of a QR code (a type of matrix barcode or 2-D code) is being used by the Occupy Wall Street protest movement to organize and disseminate information among its supporters, and to whit ther property:

1. Zuccotti Park, located on 33,000 sq. ft. in New York City's financial district is privately held by the Brookfield Commercial Properties Asset Management Companies. It is not subject to the same municipal laws of a public park.

2. Brookfield holds over $100 billion in commercial real estate properties and is headquartered in Canada. It is currently listed as one of the largest commercial property management companies in New York.

3. Brookfield owns and has offices in the same building where Adbusters (*OWS Adbusters Culturejammers Headquarters, - is a domain name alias registered to
IP Address: ) the group that has been organizing the demonstrations cross-country, also has its headquarters in Vancouver, BC.

4. Brookfield's chief D.C. lobbyist is VP Joe Biden's son, Beau.

5. Brookfield was the last company to receive TARP funding as part of the Treasury Department's bailout in the Obama Administration.

6. Brookfield board member Diana Taylor is Mayor Bloomber's live-in girlfriend.

7. And lastly Brookfield Renewable Power - BRP ($13 billion in assets now) is a green energy company owned by Brookfield and a massive new global green energy player, with substantial monetary and regulatory support from the Obama Administration's DOE. WooT-on Solyndra!
**Interesting to note that BRP earned just $454 Million net income in the 2009 and increased to a whopping $3.2 billion in 2010!

So maybe there's a lot of useful idiots who engage in some random venn-diagram crossover belief patterns at the Demos, but maybe they are being played by other reall smart-money guys.

Anonymous said...

I understand your point but the scooter in the video seems to be carrying nothing but the officer.

In many cities the addition of saddlebags allow a bicycle officer to carry anything the scooter could.

With all do regards to Ponch and Jon, motorcycles make pretty poor pursuit vehicles and most departments have very stringent rules against using them in that activity. I know of several officers, one of which was a close friend, who died when they either lost control or were hit by a motorist when they should have waited for patrol cars. I think the dreadnought top heavy Tahoe would suck at that job as well.

In the case of crowd control the scooter seemed to have no deterrent effect on Mr. Mope. I don’t think he would have been so eager to put his foot under a big Harley/Gull Wing. I’m sure he would not have risked it with one of NYPD famed bay police horses.

Lastly people my age will recall when meter maids rode scooters.


Tam said...


Most scooters these days have underseat trunks big enough for a full-face helmet.

NYPD's been using scooters since the early '60s.

Anonymous said...


My mom was from NYC, and I have to say I never saw one there.

I stand corrected.


Tam said...


I learned it from Bobbi. Apparently, the NYPD scooter repair shop is semi-legendary among Vespa enthusiasts.

NotClauswitz said...

I want a Vespa - with knobby tires and 6-inches of Ohlins suspension.

Thomas Smith said...

UK daily Mail via Drudge seems to have an image of the same incident in much better focus. caption Identifies him as an observer for the National Lawyers Guild. who'd have guessed? Oh wait, Gamachinist did.

Anonymous said...

my little occupy nutsack folks will be recieving rotten eggs this evening .... me and a buddy setup a nice egg launcher about a half block away .... there is this nice rooftop to launch from.....

lets see how long that gets occupied

MSgt said...

A "Hickory shampoo" Love that one, I'm saving it for later.

My favorite part is when he's screaming like a girl (present company excepted) and all those people crowd in to help mean, take pictures.


WV: ingst ~ Like angst, only less soul-crushing.

Justthisguy said...

Gee, Tam, I thought the horribleness happened on 285.

Justthisguy said...

I have nothing to say, but the WV is hipienz. Alien hippies?