Friday, October 21, 2011

Shut up, citizen; it's for your own good.

Those TSA goons, they just have no sense of humor! Look how they overreact if you try to do something subversive, like recite the Fourth Amendment out loud while they're fondling your naughty bits in front of God and everybody in the middle of the airport:
The story culminates in the writer being arrested (however the TSA would characterize it, it was clearly an arrest) for disorderly conduct, cuffed, and confined in a cell. Eventually she is patted down, and the TSA succeeds in intimidating her into being silent during the procedure...
Ah, how all our modern technology is shrinking the world! You used to have to travel as far as Budapest to get that kind of treatment from petty functionaries in ill-tailored business attire, now you can do it without even leaving your home city (which is a good thing, because they might put you on some secret list and not let you on the plane afterward, you uppity peasant.)


Bram said...

Ah, the good old days when the commies were the bad guys and we were the good ones.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Colts! Great marketing! When fans come earlier to make probulating easier, the vendors can sell more beer and hot dogs!

Seriously, all of the crud I have read about TSA security theater has made me determined never to fly again, unless it involves a dire emergency or a major money-making opportunity.

May the airlines go broke, I don't care.

cap'n chumbucket

Tam said...

cap'n chumbucket,

No need to travel all the way to Lucas Oil Stadium for a probulatin': The NFL has graciously seen to it that you can get the experience in any city with a franchise.

Matt said...

Hmmm, if I was a paranoid person I'd say I'm seeing a disturbing pattern.

Increasingly zoning laws are being written to "encourage" development in and around existing urban areas and discourage it farther out. Spent 25 years in the land surveying business so i know of what I speak.

The TSA makes it so distasteful to fly that some folks give up on it entirely.

States governments start to consider a mileage tax to replace the current gas tax.

Is it just me or does it seem like things are being put in motion to curtail our movements and keep us in densely packed groups ?

Honestly though, I don't really believe there is some kind of conspiracy but damn when I think of it in those terms it does send a bit of a shiver down my spine.

Anonymous said...

Matt, it is called UN Agenda 21.


Lewis said...

Hang on, let me cue up Kris Kristofferson's "The Law is for Protection of the People" on the music player again.

wv: funtrep

Why no, it wasn't a fun trep at all.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess we can take some solace in believing that they arrested her and intimidated her into NOT reciting the IV Amendment because they were ashamed to be violating it.

Or not...

Anonymous said...

+1 to Bram.

Growing up I could not imagene the USA being anything but the guys in the white cowboy hats and the home of the brave and free.

I see TN bragging about being the first state in the country with DHS roadblocks on the highway and the reporters bragging about it. Friends that are troopers are shocked the feds can do such a thing.

As Oleg put it I must be leaving the American zone.


Brad K. said...

@ Lewis,

I was thinking more "Blame it On The (Rolling) Stones."

@ Matt,

I think the danger goes beyond the intent of whoever is doing the isolating -- it sets the stage for corruption and abuse.


I wonder that TSA isn't catching flack for their "cultural purity" regime.

Throwing the law and correct procedures at officials has long been an incitement to raise the suppressive violence level. Especially when the law enforcer is in the wrong; no one enjoys being called a bully, especially a bully.

Larry said...

In TN you don't even have to go to the airport to interact with the TSA. Isn't that nice?

Borepatch said...

What was strange was that in 14 hours along I-20 yesterday, this didn't happen to me.

I must have missed the roadblock.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Friends that are troopers are shocked the feds can do such a thing" they continued to set up the barricades their DUI checkpoint.

Tam said...


"What was strange was that in 14 hours along I-20 yesterday, this didn't happen to me."

Oh, you silly little optimist! That's because I-20 doesn't run through the Volunteer State (although I'm sure they'll be bringing the show to you anytime now.)

Ken said...

Hmph. Fort Sumter delivers now, do they?

Gewehr98 said...

Have to laud her conviction and persistence, but I also have to agree with the fact that it didn't matter if she recited the 4th Amendment or Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs & Ham". To paraphrase Mal on Firefly, she aimed to misbehave. A different view here:

That's not to say I approve of how she was treated, just that she pretty much scripted the play herself, and it wasn't because she recited the 4th Amendment.

GuardDuck said...

Back in the '80's they told us that terrorists wanted us to react to them by clamping down on the freedoms we enjoy in the name of security. This would cause the populace to rise up in rebellion and achieve the goals of the terrorists.

Back then I couldn't see that strategy as being achievable.

Today I just wonder how much more we can take.

Jayson said...

All I hear is a lot of QQ.

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

"What was strange was that in 14 hours along I-20 yesterday, this didn't happen to me.

I must have missed the roadblock."

They're not doing roadblocks (yet). From the video in the story Gerry linked to, they're only doing it at weigh stations, so it only affects truckers (for now).

They're carefully watching the frogs boil.

Kristophr said...

Jayson, you statist retard.

What you are hearing is folks getting riled to the point of doing something.

The TSA can't make traffic stops without local police help. Perhaps we should be leaning on the quislings in out local governments?

Ken said...

Leave it to Kristopher to come up with an actual idea. Good thought.

City council meetings, etc. (alert the press first?). I'm not going to be in Ahiya November 9, but Buckeye Concealed Carry is rounding up people to pack the courtroom for the poor schmuck who ran afoul of Ossifer "Respeck Mah Authoritah!" Harless in Canton. I think T-shirts with the City Council clown (Allen Schulman) on 'em would make good visual, but that's just me.

Jayson said...

Kristopher, you're a fucktard, calling me a statist. Where did I say I was for ANY of this? Hell, I think the .gov crossed the line so long ago that you can't even see it in the rearview mirror anymore. I hear a lot of bitching and "If they blah blah with my blah blah blah, I'm gonna blah blah blah," but it's all bullshit. It's always "me or mine" as the condition. By the time they get to "you and yours" it'll be too late, and anyone that could have helped you left swinging because they weren't "you and yours." Either DO something or quityerbitchin.

And local government is just as fucked as the state and local level- we're too far gone.

Borepatch said...

Tam, you may be correct that the TSA Traveling Salvation Show heads to fairer climes than the Volunteer state. I like my chances with Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama for now, at least until the rest of the Republic skips off into that Dark Night.

Georgia, I'm not so sure about. And North Carolina is the Massachusetts of Dixie, so I figure that's next. I-40 liberty FAIL ...

Anonymous said...

Amy Alkon says her attorney just holds his hands out for the TSA patdown, middle fingers extended. Gets the point across without disrupting anything, I suppose.