Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The sun has riz, the sun has set...

...and we still ain't out of Texas yet.

Not that we were hurrying or anything. I got some neat-o pics in Boise City and Amarillo today, but they'll have to wait until I have something better than the Eee with which to post them.

My stocks of 9mm and deuce-deuce are notably depleted. Fortunately the Indy 1500 is coming up on the 23rd, which should make a splendid weekend for a Blogmeet!


ZerCool said...

But did you make Amarillo by morning?

JD said...

A while back I was heading from CA to MI by way of dropping off a friend in LA (the sate not the city) by way of I-20. Every time we'd switch drivers we'd ask each other if we were out of Texas yet, the answer of course was always no. It was like being stuck in the Twilight Zone, but if you are to be stuck in a state, TX is not bad place to be stuck.

Chas S. Clifton said...

If you can find anything worth photographing in Boise City -- except in a hip and ironic way -- I will be impressed.

DJ said...

My curiousity runneth over.

Why did you go from the Indianapolis area to Colorado by way of Texas?

When I lived in St. Louis, my route was straight west across Missouri and Kansas via I-70. I assure you, the road is MUCH shorter and the scenery is usually better.

And, Kansas pavement on I-70 is usually first class. Texas isn't.

DJ said...

Then again, it is nice to avoid Illinois, isn't it?

So, I'm slow today ...

An Ordinary American said...


Don't know about Tam, but I do everything and anything possible to avoid Illinois.

When we're flying from Texas to Maine, the great-circle route (quickest/shortest) takes us through Illinois.

Forget that.

I alter my flight plan to take me through Indiana where I stop for fuel and lunch.

It costs me some time, and probably some money, but I'd sure as hell rather spend it in Indiana than Illinois. Greenburg, Indiana has become a stopping place on the way to Maine, and the Monroe County airport (Bloomington) has become the lunch and refueling spot on the way back.

Besides, now that I'm semi-retired and within a stone's throw of full retirement, I'm enjoying the journey almost more than the destination(s).


Anonymous said...

Hope you stopped at the BIG TEXAN.

DJ said...

AOA, I understand the motive, and I would behave similarly if I traveled east of the Mississippi. But, now, I don't do that.

I lived in St. Louis for 26 long years. I have a friend who hails from Quincy, Illinois, and I have spent many happy days hunting with him in Illinois near there. As non-resident hunters, properly permitted, we never had any difficulties due to Illinois gun laws, other than the aggravation of having to hunt deer with slugs instead of rifles.

I've been away from that area for ten years. So, thinking "avoid Illinois" doesn't occur to me without some effort.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for allowing the WeeBot and BabyGirl to deplete said stores of ammo. I'll be sure to have enough with me to return the favor next time.

Anonymous said...

Big Texan in Amarillo - yum!

Hodie's BBQ in Dalhart - Super Yum!!!!

But Boise City is as close to the surface of the moon as I'm likely to get. Bleak, bleak, bleak!

-- Doug in Kansas, rather be in Nebraska!

Vinnie said...

Boise City is so bleak WE bombed it in WWII. You can look it up.