Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wait, what?

So, I had somebody chide me in the comments of my safari-on-the-cheap post for "dancing in the blood" and playing to the Anti's image of gun owners as "kill-happy yahoos" because I joked about this being a cheap way of getting that big game safari I'd always dreamed of without having to fork out for airfare.

What's interesting is that, while I was chided for joking about the deaths of magnificent endangered animals, I didn't hear a peep over having flippantly dismissed the death of a human being in the very first sentence of my post as "not the important part". I wonder what his reaction would be to that post I did where I suggested that somebody should do a montage video of jumpers from a bridge in Seattle and set it to "It's Raining Men"?

It's a joke, dude. In case you hadn't noticed, the humor around here can get pretty dang dark at times.

Some folks sure do get all bowed up over the strangest things.


Joseph said...

I've got a sister who will gleefully watch a western filled with dead men and as soon as a horse gets shot, she's like Niagara Falls.

Too bad we're wasting time pointing and laughing at such idiots.

Bubblehead Les. said...

"It's Raining Men?" You Sexist Blood Dancer! ; )

mikee said...

In graduate school a classmate of mine used to take innocent and impressionable undergraduate women to local clubs for drinks and dancing, with an explicitly sexual goal. He called it clubbing the baby seals.

Insensitive? Yes. Effective? Oh Heck yes!

Phillip said...

It's the Internet. If you're not offending someone, you're doing it wrong.

staghounds said...

I have been a State court criminal prosecutor since before Clinton was president.

During all that time, there are only two kinds of cases where I or anyone in the office have been lobbied by strangers through petitions or other public "pressure".

Serial rape? Child murder? Gangs terrorizing neighborhoods?

Not a peep.

Just lefty political disturbance cases, and animal cruelty.

Boat Guy said...

Can't be denying the self-righteous an opportunity to chide you and show how "enlightened" they are...

staghounds said...

2. Holy %^&, it's my favourite Saki story come to life!!!

Anonymous said...

Why isn't some snarky person live blogging/twittering the escaped monkey's journal?

Shootin' Buddy

Jeffrey Quick said...

Something smells here. There's no suicide note, and the guy supposedly freed his beloved critters before offing himself, when he should have known they'd be shot. The coroner's report isn't in yet, so are we sure it's suicide? And it's very close to the death of another Ohio exotic-critter owner, Sam Mazzola, who had his 17 y.o. employee play bondage games with him, which caused him to choke on a dildo (apparently the kid fessed up but was never charged for manslaughter, hmm? )You know, PETAoids can read Unintended Consequences too.. they probably thought lions would do as good a job as pigs.

Matt G said...

Greatness, Staghounds.

velcro8ball said...

I see this as performance art in the early days of the "crunch".

Gewehr98 said...

I got a spousal punch-in-the-arm while watching the first few minutes of "The Happening". I was singing "It's Raining Men!" ;-)

global village idiot said...

I remember that jumper post. Lots of comments on that one.

Some tourist posted a Youtube video of San Francisco, which showed many of the sights and panhandlers I'd seen when I went there years before I showed it to my 13-year old daughter. One of the images the tourist captured was of the "Crisis Counseling Hotline" phones they have on the Bay Bridge, for the obvious reason. It's a long way down.

My daughter and I were chatting about it on Facebook and she had a couple of suggestions for increasing the likelihood of success at the Crisis Counseling Hotline Center:

o Inform the would-be jumper "Did you know that when you hit, the water will shoot up your butt with the force of a fire hose?"

o (my personal fave) Make the position of Crisis Counselor 100% commission-based.

My daughter is a kid you don't meet every day. Tam, she reads your blog and wants to meet you at the shoot in April (the one we talked about on FB)


Stretch said...

How stupid to leave your carry piece in an unsecured ... wait a minute.
*runs to garage and checks*
Nope! Neither the Malibu or Explorer have a locking glove or center console. And no external lock on right front doors. Damn bean counters have save Ford and Government Motors another 95 cents per unit.
While I do lock the doors I'd like another lock between bad guys an my spare 1911. (You do carry a spare 1911, don't you?)
Anyone know of an after market locking kit for either of the above mentioned vehicles??

TBeck said...

Kristophr said...

You worry too much, Tam.

Some animal rights 'tard was offended. Screw him.

I shoot deer here in the US. If I get a chance to shoot a giraffe, you are damned straight I'll shoot one.

One herbivore is as much game as another.

The Freeholder said...

Well, since it was my comment, allow me to address the subject.

I'm somewhat used to your sense of humor, being a semi-frequent visitor here. This didn't really sound like humor, though if you say it was, I'll accept that.

As far as the owner who may (or as others have noted may not) have killed himself, while his death is a darn shame, making the assumption that it really was a suicide, then it was his choice. A stupid one as far as I'm concerned, but his to make. (And before some tool wants to lecture me that I've obviously never known anyone who committed suicide and therefore have no knowledge of the subject or the results, you're right. I've known two and one who attempted it but failed.) So I'm not that upset about his death.

I will generally always feel a hell of a lot more sorry for mistreated animals than I will for people for reasons even I don't understand. Feel free to call it a character flaw.

And I still stand my what I said. I'm a CCW card-carrying gun guy, and I didn't see the humor in it. Just exactly what do you think people not familiar with your sense of humor are going to make of it? Even Roberta posted on her blog that you were "thrilled". Was she joking or did she just not see the humor either? Judging from the comments on your original post, apparently others didn't get it either. Perhaps to lot of us are just humor-impaired.

And at the risk of outing myself, I have a certain level of inside knowledge of this whole sorry mess, since I happen to work in a related area. There were teams from the Columbus Zoo and The Wilds on the way to start capturing the animals--and you can confirm that in the open media. Those teams were able to capture several animals, including 3 leopards and a grizzly, before the deputies got to them. Given time to work, which they should have been given since I can't find anything about anyone off the property being endangered, they could have probably captured a lot more.

So yeah, I'm bowed up over this CF. Sue me.

Tam said...

The Freeholder,

The local deputies indeed did not cover themselves in glory, by all accounts.

I'd say more, but I have to get to bed early. I've booked a safari and my native guide will be meeting me outside the Serengeti exhibit at the zoo in the morning. ;)

the pawnbroker said...

Somebody say something about "some tool lecturing"?

And yeah, that PETA outlook of yours? It's a really big "character flaw".


Goober said...

One wonders how many tears Freeloader sheds at the sight of a Red Robin hamburger estamblishment. Hundreds of thousands of animals are killed every day to feed humans. Every. Single. Day. It is a fact of life. THEY ARE ANIMALS, not people. I shot a deer three days ago and I didn't even feel a twinge. Animals die so other animals can live. It is how it works. I can guarantee you that if these critters were loose in my neighborhood where my kid plays, i wouldn't be interested in "giving them time" to humaely capture these animals. I'd be out there shooting them right next to the deputies. They are just animals. We kill animals all the time. Don't worry about it.

Gewehr98 said...

The conservationist in me (not tree-hugger, there IS a respectable difference) makes me less than thrilled that they chose ventilation vs. tranquilization for said endangered critters. I'm very much aware that public safety is always a primary concern, but perhaps said deputies were just a tad too trigger-happy and looking for range time? It'll come out in the news eventually, probably get glossed over, and Mr. Suicidal Zookeeper done wrong by both keeping them in a private collection and releasing them before doing The Cobain, but it still smells bad on my sniff test.

Cowboy Blob said...

Wow, I bet that giraffe would fill a freezer.

Justthisguy said...

Peter Capstick had a good tame(?) leopard story. It seems there was this one leopard in the whole world who actually liked the company of people. He wandered into a house one day and went to sleep on the sofa. Learned how to open the refrigerator, too, so they kept some goodies in there for him. Then he'd go out, come back in the morning and crash on the sofa. He came to a bad end when the Game Control guys found out about him and used too much dope in the dart, from which he died.

A guy around here runs the local zoo which he inherited from his Dad. He used to sleep with a young leopard when he was a teenager. He had the bestest-ever Doctor's excuse notes for school, such as "Please excuse young Mr. X from classes today. His leopard had a bad dream last night and mauled him slightly."

I have been to that zoo and can verify that the lion there understands domestic cat language, such as the blink, the yawn, and the ear laugh. Humans may have to substitute an eyebrow rise for the ear laugh. The cats seem to understand.

The lion gave me the ear laugh and yawn when I gestured at the fat tourist kid standing next to me and made as if to throw him over the fence. Then we exchanged blinks.