Monday, October 17, 2011

Shocked by the monkey.

There are many things for which I am thankful in this life, among which is the fact that I have never had to answer the question "How was your day at work?" with "Well, there was this lady with a monkey, see? And..."

You can read that through two or three times and it doesn't get any less surreal. Or less funny.


Cond0011 said...

She got a taste of what having a 'Shockymonkey' is all about:

maybe its a Budhist thing...

the pawnbroker said...

No, it becomes quite more surreal -and disturbing- when the money quote suggested by Matt is edited to include his own contribution:

"...because let's face it: after a monkey spanks itself on your desk (while thinking of you), your life is never going to be the same..."

I'm sure Ms. Fatale and her therapist would agree.

Kristophr said...

People buy wild animals as pets, and then want out when they discover how difficult non-domesticated species are.

That is pretty much the definition of domestic animal ... something that won't eat your face when you aren't looking.

When the Romans were able to first get horses as draft animals, they couldn't slaughter those damned onagers fast enough.

Most honest wild animal breeders make buyers sign a performance bond for just that reason.

Mikael said...

There was an interesting breeding project in russia, where they domesticated silver foxes. It had profound effects on the animals, not just psychologically, but also physiological and morphological changes.

And as I refreshed my knowledge on it on wiki, I found out they can now be bought as pets. (Distribution by an american company named SibFox).

phlegmfatale said...

Thanks for the Tamalanche. :)

Glad you enjoyed the story. Glad something pleasant came of that big bag of weirdness.

WV: humen