Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Marriott Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine is run by unpatriotic jerks.

And if you don't believe me, you can read all about it here.

EDITED TO ADD: In comments at Borepatch's post, commenter genedunn wrote
"Wait a minute... I thought selective enforcement of laws (rules) was the first sign of tyranny?"
To which I replied
"A sole proprietorship IS a tyranny. All he may choose is what kind of tyrant to be: The benevolent kind or the douche-y kind.

This one did not choose wisely."



Thomas Smith said...

Whatever happened to minimum pieces of flair?

Borepatch said...

Seems the hotel ownership has a flair for bad marketing.

mikee said...

It starts with the flag pins and then the desk clerk shows up in her burqa, claiming she is simply showing her pride in her country of origin, and the chef starts coming in with bloody clothes from his animistic animal sacrifices before work, and the cleaning staff decides that they should be allowed to go shoeless and topless like back home, and then the owner wonders why nobody reserves a room there any more.

Alternately, one flag pin is allowed and another is not. Then the owner suddenly has to get a lawyer to defend against a discrimination suit of some kind, and loses, and is out tens of thousands of dollars.

There is no good choice except to close the business down and sit at home, quietly reading a book.

Tam said...


While reductio ad absurdum is amusing and one of my favorite rhetorical devices, here in real life a little common sense can be applied.

Gay_Cynic said...

The internet, it ate my comment!

Let's not forget this isn't the first example of Marriott behaving badly - does anyone else remember how at the NRA Convention last year in Charlotte (2011) the Marriott there set up the attendees for criminal charges?

TomcatTCH said...

I do indeed remember that Gay_Cynic.

They don't get my money. And I've actually traveled a good bit this year.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the employee, although patriotic, was a total dick, and they were looking for any ol' excuse to can his ass.

Wearing a flag pin wouldn't make him a lesser dick.

Tam said...

That's certainly possible. I'm always open to hearing the other side of the story.

John A said...

This makes the news so often, does no company ever read of it and take a look at their own rules before they are on the national news?

With about twenty seconds of thought, I came up with changing "no personal [jewelry] items [other than watches]" to "one [non-watch] item of personal jewelry of no more than one inch (or 2.54cm) in ant dimension, without independent movement or light display" and I am sure better could be devised.

ToddG said...

Seems to me that getting a few thousand little American flag pins in the mail would get the point across to the idjits at that Marriott.

Old NFO said...

Meh... Typical of Marriott's condescending attitude toward the military AND the flag... Nothing new here.

Thomaschrishan said...

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staghounds said...

There IS such a thing as bad publicity!