Sunday, November 27, 2011

Occupy Broad Ripple with Boomsticks.

So, as Bobbi reported, we went down to The Strip last night to see what all the fuss and hoopla was about.
Looking north on Guilford. The image is blurred due to the fug of Axe body spray wafting from Brothers Pub on the corner to the right...

I lent Bobbi my ¡BLACKHAWK! CQC holster, which looks moderately attractive with its faux-carbon fiber finish, since she didn't have much in the way of belt holsters. She tucked her hoodie behind it and open carried her shiny .38 Super 1911. Myself, I got into the spirit enough to leave my coat unzipped.

After wandering around for a bit, we chatted with a couple of groups of OBRw/G types, who let us know that they had an actual sign-in tent and everything. What the heck, we figured; in for a penny...

They handed us some fliers after we signed off on the rules and parked us at the corner of Guilford and Broad Ripple Avenue, where Bobbi fell to pamphlet-passing with a vengeance, like a Second Amendment version of Constable Visit.

A fellow pamphleteer in the foreground, the strip in the background.

The local FOX and NBC affiliates had good, balanced coverage. The numbskulls at ABC not so much, reporting hearsay as fact since it fit the reporter's agenda.


Joseph said...

"A noose for Mexicans and African-Americans"? Somehow I don't see you or Roberta having anything to do with that.

Tam said...

There is a picture of the actual, official OBRwG flier at Bobbi's place.

It was the only flier anybody was passing out. You had to sign off on that rule just to even get a stack.

I don't know for sure, but I suspect the other is a false flag operation for two reasons:
1) Cui bono? and
2) What kind of pamphlet-passing racist would use the phrase "Mexicans and African-Americans"?

To whoever made the fake fliers: C'mon, if you're trying to mimic a KKK broadsheet, you're gonna have to use the "n-word", sport.

the pawnbroker said...

"...a half-dozen firearms per block..." including leos, according to RX.

Not exactly what one thinks of as an "occupation", but that's a good thing to my mind; the less similarity to the OWS idiocy the better.

And the official handout was good; not dissimilar to the info leaflets that FFL's including myself have provided for many years.

Also good that the organizer took a back seat; as you know something about him set off my pawn-dar from the get-go, and that is an instinct that has served me well for many years. While that may have left the action a bit rudderless, it probably also prevented a more targeted anti-response and media negativity.

When it comes to gunnie activism, the creed parallels MD's; "first, do no harm." And at least to that degree, the effort seems to have been a success; I think that advance publicity and "our side" reservations helped with that.

And while the pics weren't quite what might be expected of an actual occupation or movement, they prove you were there, a bet's a bet and I lost. Let me know the stakes and I'll pay up.

Only real downside I noted is that it seems BRP would now be off the gunblogger rendezvous rotation?

Tam said...


"Only real downside I noted is that it seems BRP would now be off the gunblogger rendezvous rotation?"

I have no idea where or what the "BRP" in that poorly-written news report is.

Tam said...

Myrt Price may have meant the BRBP? Who can say?

I also like how he wrote "weapons allowed signs" where it is clear from context that he meant "no weapons allowed". Seriously, Myrt must've researched it blinfolded and typed it with his nose.

Rob K said...

What about links for the good stories? Why reward the crappy one with a link, but not the good ones?

A little Googleing reveals it's the Broad Ripple Tavern whose general manager (not owner) is Larry Niehaus.

Tam said...

Rob K,

"What about links for the good stories? Why reward the crappy one with a link, but not the good ones?"

I'd love to, but 59 and 13 haven't put them up on their web pages yet. Saw them both on the telly this AM.

BobG said...

That article was such an obvious biased hit piece that it is amazing how many people were stupid enough to suck up every bit of it as gospel. Just shows that some people only believe what they want to believe

Ben said...

Funny stuff here. Der has been spewing his nazi hate for years.Your leader Bobbie was checking the media every five seconds.Not to hard to figure out that the little guy is in it for his ego.
He was broadcasting on his Facebook page every time the media covered the racist rally.
I was there last night and did not see one person of color in your group.I stood by your sign in location.

One of two things are happening here.

1. The good gun owners got used by the Der. They were not smart enough to know they got played.Bobbie,is a hanger on who tried a PR move to get himself some publicity,but he was way out of his leave when he tried to take on Small and Ogden and WRTV.

I find it funny that Bobbie says that Ogden and Small are liberals,obvisouly they don't follow their blogs

2.They really are racists with one agenda.

Im thinking 1. Bobbie does not seem smart enough to pull this off by himself.I sure the Alliance helped him.

Flash in the pan,like the occupy concept,cool thought,but no glue. 2nd amendment is great,mixing nazi hate and guns is not.

Tam said...


1) I was unaware that I had a "leader"?

2) Checking the media is something you do when you've attached your name to a politically-oriented event that is bound to draw media attention. Everybody wants to make sure their shindig is being spun the right way, whether it's a PETA rally or an NRA convention. Don't be such a naif.

3) What the hell does "out of his leave" even mean? I assume you mean "league"? Like the thing you're out of here?

the pawnbroker said...


Glad it wasn't "your" Pub.

Great fact-checking from that "news" source; makes you wonder how off the rest of their reportage is. But maybe the real BRP can get an on-air retraction and a mention that they welcome all patrons who act legally and responsibly.

But man, I was actually hoping the "guns allowed" thing was for real. One of my sharpest criticisms is for business owners who thoughtlessly exclude a substantial percentage of potential clientele, even to include quite a few gun stores. My sign from the inception of legal concealed carry until I sold the place in '06 was something like:

"Legally armed patrons welcomed and appreciated. Follow the rules!"

Also it occurs to me that Roberta's gat count (six per block including cops) was way off. I have a little game I play when interacting with people I don't know; based on several indicators I try to guess who's toting and who ain't.

My unproven tally indicates around 20-30% in my part of Fla. And I'm guessing something like that might apply to all those folks strolling past ya'll there in Broad Ripple. I hope that's the case, and that the info passed out last night bumps that. When that percentile, at least in the minds of would-be bad guys, has them figuring their odds at fifty-fifty, "is this one gonna blow my sorry ass away if I jack him?"...that's what has the power to put that shit to a stop.

Joseph said...

I agree with the false flag concept, as "conservative-gun activist-racist" feeds into a lot of peoples ideas.

Roberta X said...

Ben, do you mean me with all your references to "Bobbie?"

I was sorry there wasn't a person of color involved. Due to political and financial barriers to ownership and permist that stood until well within living memory, African-Americans lag the population as a whole. But this is changing -- see McDonald v. Chicago, for example.

I attended, in part, to keep an eye open for evidence of overt or covert Naziism (etc.) at the event, with the intent of going First Amendment on it. I didn't see any. Instructions to participants included an admonition to hand out flyers to anyone who would accept them.

Montie said...


I was wondering exactly the same thing. If so, how's that gender change thing working for ya ;)

Actually, there was at least one gentleman of color at OBRw/G, Demetrius George. He posted a very positive comment over at the OBRw/G facebook page.

The fake flier should have been obvious to a "real journalist" from the git-go for reasons pointed out by Tam above. Even when being deviously evil it's hard for some liberals to step outside "teh PC" they like to see so rigidly enforced.

Aleksandr Gifford said...

Actually there were to black gentleman, 1 Latino, and a half a dozen American Indians.

Roberta X said...

Montie: I'm sure gonna have a lotta 'splainin' to do about these boobs.

Pleased to know Mr. George showed up. (Frustration to racists!)

The "fake flier" appears to be a real compendium of old social-media posts by the guy who was the original public face of the movement. It was assembled by someone understandably upset with his history. Newest posting was five years ago. I have been considering posting a link to it.

Old NFO said...

That was extremely biased... period. I'm glad good folks like y'all are out there supporting the cause!

Ben said...

Yes, i did mean that your way out of your league, the funny thing is that you have no idea how far.

Lets se how your group does during black expo.

After all, we all know thats your real prize isn't it?

To patrol the streets of Black expo like a real cop.

Wanna be cops,out shown off their iron..god bless nazis.

Tam said...


"Yes, i did mean that your way out of your league..."

"i" should be capitalized.

"your" should be "you're" (As in "You're a semiliterate fucktard, Ben.")

And why would I be "patrolling" Black Expo? I have no problem with Black Expo. Do you?

I'm all in favor of people using their First Amendment rights. You can't protect the other nine without the first one.

Roberta X said...

Ben, I do have a problem with being called a wanna-be cop. Policemen have a very difficult, dangerous job. The only person's life I feel competent to defend is my own.

I believe the organizers of Indiana Black Expo took steps to prevent a occurrence of the 2010 shootings in 2011, including efforts to attract young people inside the event and to increase the number of volunteers in the 10 Point Coalition's faith-based patrol. Why do you have so little faith in the good sense of your fellow citizens?

Aleksandr Gifford said...

As for Black expo. I am one of the organizer for Occupy Broad Ripple and I volunteered for 5 years at Black Expo to walk a beat as a civilian mediator. I was one of the original founding members of the Faith Based Patrol. Go look I was interviewed back then to. I also worked it for 2 years when I was in uniform. We had Blacks, Latinos, American Indians and whites at Occupy Broad Ripple. We had a great time and passed out 750 fliers.

the pawnbroker said...

Man, I hate to say it, but after reading the above, that old pawn-dar (think of it as spidey-sense for pawnbrokers) is vibrating off the hook again.

Tam said...


So, if I think that there are people out there representing my cause that are distasteful to me, I should just stay home and abandon the streets of my own neighborhood to them?

the pawnbroker said...


You should come and go as you please and deem prudent.

In this case people are distasteful to me because I suspect they are representing their own damn cause by trying to hijack mine and me and I choose not to ally with them.

Joe in PNG said...

1) It just occurred to me: If Bobbi is Visit, would that make Tam "Smite the Unbeliever With Cunning Arguments"?

2) RE: the organizers of the above event: I should also mention that in addition to eating sugar, Hitler also owned dogs and came up with the concept for the VW Beetle...

Tam said...


"I suspect they are representing their own damn cause"


Seriously, how? Were they backward masking "Heil Hitler" while they were saying "Good evening, would you like a flier about self-defense?"

Was Mein Kampf hidden in a microdot in "" on the flier?

You can read the flier. I have one right here. Tell me how it is, and I quote, "representing their own damn cause" if their own damn cause is anything other than encouraging people to get toter's permits?

The guy may have been wearing Adolf Hitler underoos, but he didn't drop trou all night.

warlocketx said...


What you've said here illustrates a crippling limitation self-adopted by the Right.

Possibly the most useful concept the Left has adopted is that of "fellow travelers" -- accept anybody at all who'll mouth the shibboleths, but keep a bus schedule handy for when the goal is achieved.

Rightists demand purity. Since such purity is rare to nonexistent, it means their demonstrations are unimpressively ill-attended.


the pawnbroker said...

"The guy may have been wearing Adolf Hitler underoos, but he didn't drop trou all night."

He's wearing 'em though, and not for naught. The information that Bobbi has assembled has led her to prounounce any future activity promoted by these individuals, if true, as DOA in terms of her participating. You?

What's that you're fond of saying when some aberrant who happens to share an affinity for guns, or cats, or bacon, lumps all about you with all about them? "Stay offa my side, please..."

There's an attributed quote at INGO, something like: "An actionable cause is whatever gets some white folks together." I read that as hijacking something that is truly important to me being used as an "in" to promote a hidden purpose; personal defense, immigration, conservative politics, it's all the same to them as long as it allows them to assimilate and gain some cred.

I could be wrong, and hope I am, but my instinct and the background information coming out tells me otherwise.

And I will note once again that the silence of those here whose jobs are to protect, prosecute, and defend, is deafening.

Tam said...


It's pretty clear that Hallgrath's a f$ckin' nazi, no "maybe" to it.

"And I will note once again that the silence of those here whose jobs are to protect, prosecute, and defend, is deafening."

What does that even mean?

Ben said...

Tam, it means that these folks are all caught up in being on TV.Thats what this little fiasco is all about. If you will notice, they are posting every time they show up on TV.

Im surprised that they have cable in their trailer. But I bet they do have one of this satellite dishes that are the size of a house,sitting out front by the F150 on jacks and the refrigerator.

Just a bunch of folks,wanting to get out of the trailer park and have a fun time in up town broad ripple.After all,there is not a lot to do these days in Fountain town,especially if your the Mayor and use public funds for personal vacations......hmmmmmmm

the pawnbroker said...

"What does that even mean?"

That the cops and lawyers who read you every day, and who "love" you, have stayed out of the fray, for reasons that I suspect but that only they know for sure.

Anonymous said...

The Ten Eternal Truths of White Nationalism

By: Curt Dietrich

1. A White Nationalist places their race above all and makes any and all sacrifices necessary to further the cause of White Nationalism and the advancement of our people.

2. A White Nationalist does all they can to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

3. A White Nationalist takes pride in the history, cultures, values, morals, and accomplishments of their people and live by those standards set by our ancestors.

4. A White Nationalist strives to exemplify class, strong character, and a standard of excellence at all times so that they never let their people down.

5. A White Nationalist cultivates camaraderie and fosters unity amongst our people for we will triumph together as one or we shall perish alone.

6. A White Nationalist thinks before they act so that they do not bring shame, harm, or disgrace to their self or our people.

7. A White Nationalist strengthens their body through healthy living, sharpens and hones their mind through the pursuit of knowledge, and fortifies their spirit with steadfast determination in order to become the personification and vehicle of White Nationalism and victory.

8.A White Nationalist lies not to their comrades and people; for they are our family and honesty is our virtue.

9. A White Nationalist adds special significance to the concept of honor and will not accept any transgression against their cause, people, or their person.

10. A White Nationalist never surrenders, never retreats, and would rather die than accept any defeat.

Unknown said...

Wait. You Actually live in a town called Broad Ripple? For real?
I always thought that was an obfuscation, like Ambulance Driver's "Bugtussle".

They sure have sum funny soundin' town names in Hoosier-ville! :-)

Tam said...


Fuck off.

Anon 3:10,

The Eleventh Eternal Truth Of White Nationalism: A "White Nationalist" is, invariably, a pudgy, microcephalic goober who has no personal achievements on which to boast, and so has to fall back on those of people who, more-or-less, share the same skin pigmentation as their loser ass.

Tam said...


If you, Anon 3:10, are an actual "White Nationalist", and you really stand by your boast of point number nine ("9. A White Nationalist adds special significance to the concept of honor and will not accept any transgression against their cause, people, or their person.") then I will be happy to meet you for grass before breakfast. Let me know who your seconds are so that mine can contact them to arrange our meeting.

Roberta X said...

Anon. 3:10: Come and get me, then. Your philosophy is moronic and loathsome; you share it with the cowards that gunned down a skinny talk-show host for calling your sort out.

Thomas Smith said...

Jesus, trolls come out tonight? What's in the water this week? Effin fluoridators.

LOL's for the "Constable Visit" reference, I love pratchett, and feet of clay might be my favorite.

Discobobby said...

I'll throw another theory out: the Antis are so desperate to gain any ground whatsoever they're trolling as Ben and 3:10 to distract from the fact that a pro personal responsibility effort was quite successful. You can't have the proles defending themselves now, dependence is power! Ben's basically illiterate which matches your typical Anti drone, and 3:10 is a cut and paste drive by trying to smear good people with garbage they don't believe.

Fact: people were educated about their rights and encouraged to take responsibility for their own safety in a way that was positive and well recieved. We're winning. No amount of noise from knuckledraggers can undo the progress made.

Ben and 3:10: Your pathetic, transparent and embarrassing attempts at counter messaging would be sad if it wasn't a sure sign we're on the right track. Your attempted Alinsky Job was a dead giveaway.

But you failed. Again. You must like lost causes.