Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Pretty cool.

My peeps at Coal Creek Armory will be presenting a custom-built 1911 to a local combat wounded veteran on Veteran's Day.

That's a sharp-looking pistol, and a very worthy cause.

Gunsmith Bob builds a hell of a good 1911. There aren't many 1911s that are match-tight, shoot into an inch or less at 25 yards, and can still be taken right out of the box and run through a 2-day, thousand-round class without cleaning.


Robert Fowler said...

Nice gun. It has put CCA on my list of places to patronize.

Crucis said...

That is nice. Really nice. I have my share of shiny stainless steel pistols. I've come to appreciate more the dark ones.

Especially after my cover jacket flew open in a breeze exposing my shiny, stainless steel OCP. Hard for folks to miss all the shiny brightness.

RevGreg said...

Nice looking build and kudos to CCA for their generosity.

On the pistol smith end, I'm EXTREMELY lucky to have none other than Jim Garthwaite ( only about 30 miles away. He's currently working on a somewhat fugly 1911 I picked up VERY cheap and is working on making it a reliable carry gun. He says I'll be happy when he's done, I'm inclined to believe him.

Laughingdog said...

I actually had someone here in Hampton Roads recommend going back to CCA to have him build me a 1911. Your post just reinforces that for me.

Jim said...

Tam -- What kind of base gun does Gunsmith Bob like to use in building these guns?

(No one will believe WV here is "unboomi" -- like even a CCA custom when it's out of ammo.)

Tam said...


CCA's first run of frames & slides were from Caspian, not sure who they're using now.

Lockwork is C&S, barrels are Kart, everything else is similarly top-shelf.

Jim said...


(Thinking. Thinking. Do I need...)

Anonymous said...

Screw the pistol. My hat's off to the Captain for his sacrifice and service.

Google his name for some humbling reading.

My business with go to CCA for their thoughtfulness and my prayers for the Captain.

Black Hat said...

Yes, Google Captain Brogan. He is a true American hero.

Anonymous said...

And Tam gets Glenn Reynolds' attention! Congratulations.


Keads said...

Anyway to give to the cause?

Justthisguy said...

I am happy about the making of that nice piece, and how good the recipient will feel.

But just dang! I feel a strong need to amass the price of a 1911 so that I might buy one before the change of the year, this being the Hundredth Anniversary, and all.