Monday, November 14, 2011

Okay, I'm lost...

So, we've gone from Dubya to the election of Barry O. to the Tea Party movement to the #OCCUPY_$PLACE movement, and I just can't remember anymore: Is dissent patriotic this week or not?

Help me out here.


Anonymous said...

Dissent directed at Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, Wall Street, and "The Man" is patriotic.

Opposition to Obama, for any reason whatsoever, remains racist and verboten. [If you're White and liberal, though, it's cool if you refer to Herman Cain as an "Uncle Tom".]

Dissent against the federal government or against federal taxation is still unpatriotic.

Oh, and dissenting from the mainstream media narrative on any issue constitutes "censorship".

Got it?

perlhaqr said...

benEzra said...

"Dissent directed at Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, Wall Street, and "The Man" is patriotic."

For the moment, until Team Red gets the ball again. Then only criticism directed against Team Blue is patriotic.

Regarding #occupy, I drove from NC to MA this weekend and found much to my dismay that the Occupy The Left Lane types are as ubiquitous as ever on I-95. Rats.

Bubblehead Les. said...

This week? No. Next week, Yes. Unless something happens, then who knows?

Jay G said...

Thank you, Tam. I was confused, too.

11 years ago, they told us that George W. Bush was the "least qualified candidate to ever run for President"; three years ago they foisted Barack "Voted Present" Obama on us.

They scoffed at Bush's "nuc-u-lar" pronunciation and dismissed him as a chimp; Barack calls Marines corpse-men and that's just him being tired.

George Bush's two wars were American Imperialism, or "Blood for oil", or some sinister plot to enrich Halliburton. Obama's four (five? I've lost count) wars are simply America helping noble rebels overthrow vicious regimes.

We really need a playbook to help us identify which hairless ape we're supposed to be rooting for now...

benEzra said...

Although now that I think about it, Team Red hates libertarians as much as Team Blue does, so I suppose bashing them is always considered patriotic...

Living in Babylon said...

Under the last regime, dissent was tantamount to treason.

Under this regime, dissent is tantamount to racism.

The hell of it is, the mainstream media seems to think racism is worse than treason.

alcade said...

Do you even have a permit to ask that question, Citizen?

cryptical said...

Maybe we need a dissent advisory color code to let us know when it's patriotic to dissent.

Tam said...

"Maybe we need a dissent advisory color code to let us know when it's patriotic to dissent."

...and there's the internets for today, folks.

westofthewest said...

Freindster John reports clergy being arrested in Oakland. I would say hiding behind clerics almost qualifies them for enemy combatant status.

Brad K. said...


The story goes:

The organs of the body got into a discussion, of which was the more important of the group.

The Eyes claimed, "If it weren't for us, you couldn't see to go from here to there."

The Brain responded, "If I didn't combine your inputs with what I remember and the problems I can solve, you wouldn't have anywhere to go."

The Liver said, "If you are going to keep going, you keep eating -- and I enable that digestion for fuel. Without me you would all dwindle away."

The Rectum just clamped shut. And waited.

Tam, the #OCCUPY_$PLACE stuff is the Rectum of Democracy. They aren't really dissenting so much as boosting campaign points for Barry O. #OP folk are sucking up too much establishment money for support, gain, and transport to be credible about their dissent. And they are plain ignorant about where the problems lie; bankers cannot exploit anyone without the government urging them on.

At least their mentors, the anti-Vietnam War protests, knew the government was the problem.

The Tea Party is actually dissenting, they are unhappy with the leadership of the Republican party, and with the drift away from rule by law and sound policies (fiscal and otherwise), of the current state of American government. That policy dispute is a meaningful form of dissent.

As for electing Presidents, this is simple politics.

See, to get elected you can be a politician, invent an "enemy" like maybe the opponent or what the opponent wants to do, then invent the "cure" or defense against that enemy, and convince the voters that you are dedicated to defeating that nasty enemy, if only they put you in power.

Some people used actual problems, and actually dedicated their efforts to the good of the nation. Reagan comes to mind. Others focused on re-election to the detriment of the business of being President. Nixon and, ahem, others come to mind.

Old NFO said...

I'll agree with Anon... sigh

Panamared said...

Honest dissent is always patriotic, the question becomes how to determine who is honest. For me, the willingness to have an open discussion of the facts without trying to shout down the opposition, if you know the facts there is no reason to yell, is a good indication of at least good intentions. The other prerequisite is willingness to change your mind if faced with insurmountable facts. Given those two conditions dissent is patriotic.

Anonymous said...

Depends if it's a bunch of commies doing the dissenting. That makes a handy starting place for making up one's mind, I think--I've never noticed that Leftists devote themselves to arguing in good faith.

There might be exceptions, but I maintain that it's a good rule of thumb.

Mike James

Crotalus (Don't Tread on Me) said...

Obama's still in power. Dissent is still treason.

Wilhelm Durand said...

Left wing dissent is patriotic.

Right wing dissent is treason.


Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like the Astroturf + useful idiots at #occupy bare starting to wear out their welcome hither and yon.

I suspect the rapes, murders, muggings, knifings, defecation, etc, not to mention the over-the-top stupid started to stink up the place too much for the MSM to cover up.

They are about to go the way of the all the other lefty astro-turf bowel movements like "coffee party" et al.

'cept this time, I think the police and sanitation workers are actually going to enjoy their jobs.

Anonymous said...

No way in hell the sanitation workers enjoy this job.

Mike James

Tennessee Budd said...

Hell, in Trashville, they passed a shiny new curfew to keep the Bogus Army from sleeping in Legislative Plaza, & some leftist judge invalidated it.
I hear from reliable sources that you can smell urine from a couple of blocks away (and as Dave Barry says, "I'm not making this up.")
wv = "gamin." Alex, I'd like to buy a vowel--or maybe I can figure this out all on my own.