Friday, November 11, 2011

Tab Clearing...

  • A fascinating thread on an outdoors forum about strange stuff people have found in the woods. (CAUTION: SEVERE TIME SINK WARNING!)

  • U.S. Secret Service Officer is the only one in this patrol car qualified to have a Negligent Discharge out front of the Russian Embassy.

  • This doesn't look like such a bad deal. Too bad I'm poor at the moment.

  • Roundup of AAR's for the one-day TigerSwan pistol class Sean organized down in NC. I've got to get down there if they do it again.

  • How does this invertebrate manage to muster up the courage to peek out from under the covers every morning without having a therapist on speed dial?


TBeck said...

Gander Mountain and Academy Sporting Goods also sell the Federal ammo in a can for $10 to $20 more.

Joanna said...

You weren't kidding about that thread being a time sink. My favorite so far:

"I found one of the "satanic" altars way up in the MtHood Natl Forest once. We were about a mile back off a popular hiking trail and stumbled across a pentogram arranged out of medium sized peculiar looking stones, in front of a large flat-topped boulder at the base of a rock wall. My buddies who were with me got really scared and wanted to leave ASAP, but I made them wait until I rearranged the rocks into a smiley face."

The whole thread makes me want to go hunting, or hiking, or camping, or something. I've never been, but I know I'd enjoy it.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

Thanks for the link. I will make sure that you are invited to the next class. We will be doing it again.

Miguel said...

"I found a dead midget."

Winner hands down of the Time Warp Thread.

Jenny said...

Wait.. never?!
There's gotta be somebody local who can go with ya! (edit - awesome Sean!)

Now I'm jealous at those stories!

Let's think... a gal's garter, a tin bucket from the late 19th century (guessing by construction), a weird little parachute thing off an old army airstrip, a little girl's geocache, old appliances, at least one Alaskan plane wreck :( , scads of bottles, several shelters over the years..that's all that comes immediately to mind.

We sure are a messy species. :p

... no

Unknown said...

Joanna and Miguel stole my thunder. Thank you for the time sink on my do-nothing day.

Kane sure is an idiot, but he has some intelligent commenters; he should read them.

Joanna said...

Jenny: My uncle offered to take me hunting a couple years ago, but nothing ever came of it.

I've wanted to go north ever since I read "The Call Of The Wild" in college. My goal is a reasonably self-sufficient existence in the woods, or at least someplace rural with trees.

alcade said...


You weren't kidding!

The strangest thing I ever found in the woods was a massive six foot tall gravestone with a thirty foot flagpole affixed to the top to commemorate a particularly successful stud bull back in the 20's.


Goober said...

His entire article seemed to be summed up in one sentence “Oh noes! I will actually have to be polite to people and not walk around oblivious to my surroundings anymore because people might have guns!”

The absurdity is myriad.

His premise that because the government previously didn’t allow it, that no one around him ever carried a gun.

His idea that now because law abiding citizens will have guns that he has to remain vigilant of his surrounds, whereas before, when only criminals had guns, he didn’t.

His total reliance on a “no guns allowed” sign actually meaning that there are no guns inside his building.

It is to laugh. This guy obviously has some serious issues with viewing the government as some omniscient force that can protect his life with a rule and a sign.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Tam, how do you know he doesn't have a therapist on speed dial? He's a journalist, after all...

global village idiot said...


It's like Tinkerbell. She exists only so long as you believe in her (you do believe in Tinkerbell, don't you? You don't want poor Tink to go away, do you?).

It's a strange sort of duality. At the same time as he has such faith in people that they'll obey all laws and policies (a murderer will be stopped from his crime by the existence of a sign), yet he has such little faith in people that they won't obey decency or morality (people shooting each other over trifles).

Someone in the comments section observed that it had to do with the belief that people have to be managed and guided by those smarter/better than them.

Lots of "mommy issues" in liberalism.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Re Invertebrate: Well, he can go run and hide in Illinois, like the Wisconsin Democratic Lawmakers did this Spring if he's so scared of the Armed Citizen.

BlogDog said...

I *so* wanted to leave a comment on the "things found" along the lines of "I found a partially rotted bag full of money and a skeleton all tangled up in the remains of a parachute."

Derfel Cadarn said...

Hopefully the invertebrate will just stay home and piss his diaper.

Joe in PNG said...

My goodness, you mean that WI will become a shoot-em-up, blood in the streets wild west hellhole like New Hampshire or (gasp) Vermont! Say it isn't so!

Anonymous said...

RE: Invertebrate

Man, will this "DODGE CITY!" meme EVER go away????

JD(not the one with the picture) said...

Palmetto State Armory has the same xm855 a couple of bucks cheaper w/shipping.

JD Rush said...

Re: Milwaukee's Best-
Read his interview (or don't) with the "Truth" about Guns guy. Claims he pulled the race card on him. 'Because that's MY job' was all I could make of his post. His world view is threatened by the McDonald decision, so it simply didn't happen Kinda like Daley, Rahm, hell, all of Ill. now that I think about it.

Sendarius said...

Are you sure that Eugene Kane is ONE person (I refuse to use "man")?

That whole article reads like it was written by a committee - "You write paragraphs 1, 2, and 3. I'll write 4 and 5, while the janitor writes the conclusion. No peeking!"

The internal inconsistencies couldn't exist in a sane mind ... oh... wait.

perlhaqr said...

*assumes the hunched over posture of someone who may be carrying a concealed weapon*

"Igor! Cut that out!"


Anonymous said...

I was fishing for brook trout up Greasy Cove Prong in Pisgah NF and found a nekkid dude sitting on a rock in the middle of the creek.He was in the lotus position chanting oohhmmm over and over.The creek was only about 10 feet wide and the banks are thick mt laurel so the creek is the trail and I said hello(but was thinking hell no)and said hey as i waded past but he never opened his eyes or acknowledged me.


the pawnbroker said...

Spineless One should just do what Others who believe as he does have done...move to Chicago.

The ILLness there guarantees they'll never have CCW, so he'll be nice and safe.

Of course he'll need bodyguards who *will* be I said, just like Others who share his belief system, aka protection for Me but not for Thee.

Gewehr98 said...

Damn. When I saw "AAR" I immediately thought you found a gathering of Plymouth AAR 'Cudas. :-(

Anonymous said...


No kidding.

Dude, where did the weekend go?