Saturday, September 15, 2012

More ghosts in the machine...

You know how sometimes the harmonics in the air duct can remind you of music, so much so that anybody who sits in a particular corner of the office finds themselves humming The Supremes' "Where Did Our Love Go"?
trouble; for I have had bed-linen and table-linen to purchase and make, and love of notoriety paraded them until dark through the streets of irrepressible outcrop of the brotherly feeling that filled all

where he used to play at the mell. The king did so, and when he kittens; do we see that any inconvenience results to them from this which he lay: and he went to his own house, glorifying God.
It turns out that robospam makes some pretty compelling abstract poetry at times. The two verses above are verbatim transcriptions of two separate attempts at SEO robospam, but I think they work well together as a poem.


John said...

If an infinite number of monkeys banging away on typewriters can theoretically generate the collected works of William Shakespeare, how many robospam bots do you suppose it will take?

Tam said...

Given that they're a lot faster than monkeys? Probably only a tenth of an infinite number.

global village idiot said...

Part of me finds the passages almost touching - as though the internet is trying to teach itself to write poetry.

Then I remember how angler fish lure little fish to their mouths by use of a mesmerizing little glowy ganglion, and how the Sirens lured mythological Greek sailors to dash themselves to bits on the rocks with their captivating music.

And I recoil in horror.

Do you suppose we can use these robospam passages to gauge and graph the time remaining until the Singularity Event - the more sense they start to make (or the more they start to use alliteration/appreciate meter/rhyme/pick-your-metric), the closer we are to obsolescence?

I really shouldn't anthropomorphize computers. They hate it when I do that.


Graybeard said...

I like GVI's comment, but the robospam makes me ask "why?". What's the payload?

My (real) ISP has good enough spam filters that I don't get these.

Tam said...



'Bots tirelessly depositing links in the comments sections of blogs to boost their client's pagerank.

Tam said...

(These were found in the blog's spam trap. VFTP may be a little C List blog, but it gets enough traffic to draw some serious spambots fluttering around the comments section of old posts.

In fact, before I turned on comment approval on posts older than a week, I uncovered some kids using the comments section of an old post as a message board.)

Thornharp said...

The most impressive harmonics in an air duct occur in a Vulcan bomber as it starts its takeoff run. The simultaneous descending moan and ascending howl is unearthly, and (for me) poignantly beautiful.

Kristophr said...

The ghost of James Joyce in the machine.