Saturday, September 29, 2012

Raise your hand if you're shocked.

The useless probulators of the TSA keep insisting that they are a vital law enforcement cog in the well-oiled machine that keeps America's skies free of box-cutter-wielding jihadi hijackers, and not, as may be supposed, a pack of blue-gloved kleptomaniac incompetent perverts without the skill and dedication required to master driving a mop in the lobby of the local McDonald's franchise.

Hey, when given the opportunity to steal a high dollar piece of electronic gear like an iPad, they only do it ten percent of the time!


Anonymous said...

Tam; FYI The TSA are NOT LEOs they have NO "Athority" to "do" anything.They ARE NOT sworn officers!!! They are Thugs,perverts,child molesters,thives and rapeist. Acting with the full knowledge and approval of the state and federal government.

Tam said...

I'm sorry, I thought I made that clear. I will attempt to be more coherent in future. :(

Ancient Woodsman said...

If you saw the video, the now-allegedly-fired stooge blamed his wife on the fact that the Ipad was at his house. On national TV. I wonder where he's sleeping tonight.

A very interesting number is that 381...the number of TSA employees fired for theft. Zero terrorists caught; 381 cases of theft, 381 rotten employees (that we know of).

If Willard M. ran for the next month on "I'll fire the TSA" he'd probably get a lot more votes from everyone who is not TSA, but the other side would skewer him as being soft on terror. Whatever that is supposed to mean.

Borepatch said...

Compare and contrast: rate of TSA screeners fired for theft vs. rate of concealed carry permits revoked. It's 4:1, even with TSA's laughable (and unbelievable) "zero tolerance" policy.

Cybrludite said...

At least stealing stuff makes some kind of sense. What's the point of playing a forced game of "Simon Says" with hundreds of people trying to make their connecting flights?

Buzz said...

I resent that comparison!
I was master of the "S" stroke lobby mopping technique in high school.
It was the never-ending flow of ciggy butts and dumped ashtray contents during lot checks that put a burr under my saddle.
(admittedly, though, my teenage self would have liked to have groped some of the female college students that came through)

Suz said...

They patted down my HAIR last week. Of course I'm pleased that it's thick enough to conceal weaponry, and the "Nope, Nothing but curls!" took the edge off (slightly) but they PATTED DOWN MY HAIR!

KM said...

In SeaTac a couple of years ago I was being patted down.
(knee repl. means I've never been not patted down)

He- "I'm going to up the inside of your thigh now."
Me- "Leave your phone number and make sure you call me after."
He- "We're not going to get that friendly."
Me- "Oh, so you want to act like we're married."

We were laughing loud enough that the other blue shirts started looking over wondering WTF?

Graybeard said...

Yeah. Raise your hand if you believe from "The TSA reports that 381 of its officers have been fired for theft between 2003 and 2012." that only 381 needed firing.

Kristophr said...

Buy a suitcased sized wheeled Pelican case.

Put your clothes and stuff in it, and throw a pistol on top of it. Make sure any ammo in in an ammo box ( MTM or factory cardboard ).

Put locks on it.

Declare it as a pistol in checked luggage.

Yes ... your luggage is secure from TSA rifling through it if it has locks on it and has a gun in it. They have to have you stand over it to unlock and inspect the contents.

PA State Cop said...

Don't like a security guard telling me as an LEO what I can and can't do. Told them what I can do is hook his/her ass up as we were in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and I was the Law here. Wanna Test That?

Tirno said...

Depending on where you are going, a pistol might not be an option.

Use a flare gun instead. It has to be declared and protected as if it was a firearm, but I can't think of anywhere on earth that they're illegal.

No ammo, though. They might object to that on hazmat grounds.

I think the going rate on flareguns is about $80, and that's not bad for a completely re-usable object that wil get your luggage requiring the tightest protection provided by the system.

I swear, travel agents should hand them out as promo items, buying in bulk. Buy a travel package to Hawai'i, get a free flaregun per checked bag.

Ed said...

Everything's cool if you fly from Orlando International Airport, especially if you are a female firefighter:

Anonymous said...

PA State Cop

Your as bad as the TSA are, lat least they are ignorant of the law, your supposed to know better

Geodkyt said...

Tirno, Kristophr --

Saw an article on a porfessional photog blog that recommended exactly that -- only with pot-metal starter pistol and no rounds.

Writer said that his losses INSTANTLY dropped from how ever many hundreds of dollars per year (dude actually had "airline lost/stole my shit" type of line in his business budget as a cost) to ZERO lost equipment.