Monday, September 17, 2012

Overheard in the Hallway...

I'm on my way to refill my coffee cup, walking down the hallway past the bathroom door, behind which roomie is engaged in her morning shower. Over the sound of running water comes the following exchange:
RX: "Pick a number between 12 and Exploded."

Me: "Tufted."

RX: "Huck did what?"

Me: "No, Tango-Uniform-Foxtrot-Tango-Echo-Delta: 'tufted'."
It can go from zero to Dada around here in about two seconds flat.


Scott J said...

I thought you were going to tell us she was singing.

I used to sing (quietly I thought) in the shower often.

Less so after my wife's sister who lived with us at the time told me she could hear me. She typically spent her mornings on the opposite end of the house.

Stretch said...

Has Roseholm been tested for lead based paint?

The answer was "age of muslim rioter." said...

Yes but we don't have nearly enough to be any fun.

Robin said...

She didn't have that bicycle in there, did she?

BGMiller said...

If I make it to Indy for Yats, the 1500, and anything else that strikes my fancy remind me to drink only bottled water.

That I've brought with me.


BGMiller said...

And upon further cogitation....

I think it says a lot about life at Roseholme that "Huck did what?" is an automatic response to a misheard comment.


Tom the Impaler said...

"It can go from zero to Dada around here in about two seconds flat."

And that's why I keep coming back.