Saturday, September 01, 2012

Saturday morning randomosity...

  • ProTip: When you go to bed on Friday night leaving your laptop downloading a multi-gigabyte WoW patch, make sure that said laptop isn't going to go to sleep twenty minutes after you do, because there's nothing like seeing "6% Completed" on the freshly-awakened screen to start your morning off with a string of colorful profanity.

  • Off the shelf: After the Revolution: Profiles of Early American Culture

  • Remember how they said that the remnants of Hurricane Isaac were going to arrive yesterday evening and flood out Labor Day Weekend? Well, they meant they were going to arrive this evening. Sorry to all you people who cancelled your parades and picnics today. (We're apparently still a bit jumpy here in the Hoosier State when it comes to bad weather and outdoor festivities...) UPDATE: The weatherchick in the other room said it was moving at "three miles per hour". Since it hasn't quite crossed the Wabash into Indiana, that'll put it into the western Indy 'burbs sometime around lunch tomorrow.


Buzz said...

GlobalFest canned, Mosey in jeopardy.
Our WLFI weatherman has been downplaying the rainfall potentials all along.

Not squat for precip.
Maybe later, along with F0 risk.


Anonymous said...

I hope they didn't cancel the International Bacon Day parade today.


Kristopher said...

You also need to make sure that dumbass power saving "feature" is turned off on your network and Wifi devices.

The retard who added killing your network connection to the list of ways to be "green" needs to be horsewhipped.

kishnevi said...

Three miles per hour? Usually those things start zipping along as they turn from organized systems into big jumbles of squalls on their way to Canadian afterlife.

Of course, this one was sort of pokey from the start; we were in its loving embrace from about Saturday evening up through late Monday; but even then it was doing about 15 MPH.

Come to think of it, at 3 MPH, I could outwalk that thing, gimply leg and all.

John A said...

good PRo Tip. And Kristopher's note.

Happened to me once. Now, just how is it that a CPU use of over two percent, multiple disk files being built, network moving along at hundreds of thousands of bits/second, all adds up to "no activity, shut down" anyway?

Way back, maybe five years or so, I had an app that faked pressing a keyboard control that prevented the problem, but then it (the problem) went away with XP: now it is back in Win7 (and 8?) but I no longer have the app. Turning off "hibernate" should work, but not always. I have heard you must shur off the feature, AND delete the "hibernate" file...

Pawpaw said...

Yep, Isaac is a slow moving SOB. It took 12 hours for the eye to pass my little acre. Light, misting rain the whole time. Then, just about the time we thought it was done, bam, here comes the other side.

Kristopher said...

John A: To prevent Windows 7 from putting your NIC or wifi device to sleep, you have to go into the Device Manager, open up the properties for the network device, and uncheck the stupid fucker.

And it ALWAYS gets rechecked when windows updates your damned driver.

nbc said...

To turn off Win7 hibernation you should do the following. Open a cmd window with administrative privileges and enter the following:

powercfg -h off

Your machine will never hibernate again and the hiberfil.sys file will also be deleted.

I'd recommend checking your power plan options which can be found in Control Panel as devices may go to sleep even on a "high power" plan.

Kristopher said...

nbc: That wont prevent driver level "powersaving" by your NIC.

John said...

Didn't stop me from attending the ABATE KS Labor Day Rally at Perry Lake outside of Ozawkie KS.

Setting up camp at a motorcycle rally in the dark and rain is one of those things that tend to make the cocktails taste better!