Sunday, March 10, 2013

Slow start this morning...

I've been sulking because I slept through Chris Matthews, and I do so love my weekly Thirty Minutes' Hate.

I guess I have to get up now. My face hurts. I'm going to take one of my carefully-hoarded pain pills.

There're some gun pics here. There will be more.

Talk amongst yourselves.


Brigid said...

Don't forget the whole "spring forward" thing. I'm springing into the shower, slowly.

See you in a bit.

Fred said...

That's really about the only good thing they do in this country (Afghanistan)... "Fuck daylight savings, we'll just offset everything a half hour all year."

skidmark said...

Don't hoard the pain pills. You're not going to become addicted overnight, but you might want to actually sleep through the night or an afternoon's nap. And sometimes just getting through part of the day with sometging else on your mind can be, well, nice.

Remember, pain is merely the body's way of telling you it hurts.

stay safe.

Critter said...

Can I slouch forward? Not very springy this morning.

armedlaughing said...

It all does take time, sadly. But, I've no doubt you will prevail!
If you could have snarked it away, it would have been already gone!


riverrider said...

i hope they told you not to bend over for a while. the blood pressure could cause a blowout! those pain pills will be your friend the next couple days. worst part is not being allowed to do anything fun for a while. take care, speedy healing to ya.

Tam said...


"Don't hoard the pain pills. You're not going to become addicted overnight..."

I'm not worried about addiction; I've plenty of past experience with opioids.

It's the fact that I was issued only 12 of them, so I save them for when I'm really hurting.

For going-to-bed purposes, I bought six of those little 50ml bottles of Grey Goose and a six-pack of Spicy Hot V8.

KM said...

If you run out of pain pills call for more. Hell, you only got 12.
Calling sooner, before you run out completely is better than later.
The worst they can do is say no and you know where you stand.

Sometimes monitoring enemy transmissions just isn't worth it.
Missing Crunt Matthews is like missing a stubbed in not very much.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Uh. you know, you could send Chris a Doctor's Note, explaining why you weren't with him this morning. I'm sure he'll let you do a make-up Rant.

Ygolonac said...

KM - Welcome to the PSH World of "Prescription Painkiller Addiction". Odds are the doc both only approved 12 in total, but "no refills" as well. (Less in fear of creating/feeding an addiction than in avoiding the attentions of agencies vast, cool and unsympathetic.)

Also, in a completely hypothetical situation, one's hoarded leftovers (from only taking when *absolutely* needed) may than be stored away in case of emergency. If, say, a kidney stone passes before finishing off the painkillers, one would conceivably *really really* want something held in reserve, just in case of a recurrence. Or so I've heard. (koff)(koff)

billf said...

Wait,did Brigid just say "See you in the shower"?
Sorry,I forgot what I was going to say next.
Oh,I remember,did you read Day by Day today?
Pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Get Better!
Ulises from CA

Brad K. said...

Hot tea, chicken soup. Maybe a cute Wen Spencer book (like "A Brother's Price" -- how can it go wrong, keeping the men barefoot in the kitchen? Or "Tinker", saving the -ravishing- Elf viceroy of Pittsburg-on-Elfhome, a quirky coming-of-age romance/adventure). Doranna Durgin did well some years back, with "A Feral Darkness", when a lovely Corgi shows up on the lady's porch.

Take care!