Monday, March 18, 2013

Stop me before I alliterate again!

The headline at the forum read:

Basically, Bloomie's Bitter Because Bench Bitch-slapped Big Apple's Bubbly Big Gulp Ban.


Anonymous said...

Bitch-slapped, Big Gulp and Big Apple are all acceptable. 'Bacco, per the original post, requires a little forbearance. Your alliteration was spotless, his less so. Prize goes to Tamara.

Mike James

Goober said...

Bloomberg is just doing what nannies do - taking care of their wards. You can't hardly blame him.

It is the wards that I'm worried about, and actually kind of pissed at.

If you listen to New Yorkers, they are all the toughest, most resilient, most intelligent people on the face of this Earth, and everyone else wants to be like them. Each of them is convinced that they are a rugged individualist that is somehow superior to people outside of the boundaries of their concrete island.

And yet what they are is a bunch of bleating sheep, each one baaa-ing about how they are the biggest, baddest grizzly bear on the mountain, all the while completely missing out on the fact that they are the meekest sheep in the fold.

They say they are tough and resilient and individualistic, and yet they follow along compliantly without complaint whenever their "shepherds" tell themt hat they can't have salt on the tables, or the largest size drink that they're allowed to have, or how they should go about defending themselves from the rough men amongst them (they shouldn't).

It wouldn't be so bad if they'd just admit it - if they'd just say 'you know, i think I'm going to just let other people make every decision for me," but they won't - they have to pretend that they are lone wolves when they are just a herd of sheep.

Steve Skubinna said...

In the original headline, 'Baccy would probably have been better, as it's an existing slang term (albeit bordering on the archaic).

So I concur that Tam takes the prize.

Anonymous said...


Ulises from CA

Dean in Az said...


Basically, Bloomie's Bitter Because Bench Booted Big Apple's Bubbly Big Beverage Ban.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I see what they're doing there.

They're not banning sale of the product. That would just make the judge mad.

No, they're saying "We're going to make it as onerous and expensive as possible for you to sell the product in the hopes that you'll just stop selling it, thereby accomplishing by annoyance what we would like to have implemented by force."

Next, Bloomie will make it illegal to sell Big Gulps of sugary drinks from anywhere but behind the counter, i.e., no more self service, gotta hire a min-wage soda jerk to pour Big Gulps so the cashier can actually run the cash register.

Hey, uh...When did Blogger start doing inline spell-check? That's annoying.

Robert Fowler said...

Someday, someone is going to kill that bastard. I hope when they do, they use a knife.

Anonymous said...

Starting to wonder about the entire state being compitent.

Anonymous said...

Bring that bumbling, boastful Bloomberg bastard out back and boot his bloated billionaire butt 'till it's black and blue! -- Lyle