Sunday, November 03, 2013

Almost fractally wrong...

Forbes on the mystique of the AR for those patriot kooks and Constitution-lovin' weirdos:
The M&P15 (“Military and Police”) semi-automatic tactical rifle falls into the AR-15 class of weapons, which is preferred by Patriots for a number of reasons. Such guns are inexpensive, easy to shoot, accurate, customizable, and for a 10-year period starting in 1994, this type of rifle was banned by federal law, which gives the weapon a certain prestige among Patriot groups. Despite the M&P name, Smith & Wesson has actively marketed the rifle to civilian shooters.
Ms. McNabb, your statement is not only wrong, it's damned near fractally wrong. In other words, each individual phrase and sentence of it is almost as incorrect as the paragraph taken as a whole.

Pop quiz, hotshot: Which rifle in the picture below, taken in '03, was legally purchased between '94 and '04?

 Now, which one of those rifles was illegal to own between '94 and '04?

Highlight below for the answers:
  1. The center carbine was purchased in '03.
  2. None of those AR carbines were "banned by federal law", you dolt.
You are certainly entitled to your own opinions, JJ, however you are not entitled to your own facts.

ETA: Commenter Reno Sepulveda notes that apparently Sen. Feinstein has latched on to the "Military & Police" moniker as well. Someone needs to let these grabasstic busybodies know that the label has been used by Smith & Wesson more or less continuously since 1899, making it an older trade label than "International Business Machines" (whose products, I will note, can somewhat misleadingly be used for non-commercial purposes and entirely within the boundaries of one nation.)


Reno Sepulveda said...

Noticed DiFi fixating on the Military & Police moniker this morning. Obviously everybody got the same memo.

Ed said...

"According to police, Ciancia referred to himself as a Patriot in his note." I have met some similarly maladjusted individuals who thought that they were Jesus Christ, but I did not consider the encounters as religious experiences.

One of my local gun stores is having an anniversary sale this weekend. One of the offered products in their advertisement inserted in last Sunday's newspaper is a "SMITH & WESSON M&P15 Sport" [caps theirs] for $699. If I purchased one of those rifles, would that make me a "Sport", or someone who regarded himself "Military" and/or "Police"? Likewise, would the 9mm "SIG SAUER 938 Sport" pistol also make me a "Sport"? Would the "SIG SAUER MK25 Navy" make me a sailor?

The same ad had a "S&W M&P 9 or 40" pistol (see comment above) and a "S&W M&P Shield" pistol in 9mm or .40 S&W caliber. When fired upon, do I hold it in front of me sideways to deflect inbound rounds? Does the "S&W Bodyguard 380" offer more protection than the "Shield"? No. People who think so are as delusional as the self-styled JC's and the "Patriot".

Drang said...

Clicked the link. Made it this far before closing it:
" JJ MacNab, Contributor

"I write about sovereigns, tax defiers and anti-government extremists."

Earl said...

In the great conspiracy universe, the Feds undercover agents got the young man to the airport for the attack.

Great little post, hope that the expert authority and Forbes got a copy of your memo, they do need assistance.

I like the click highlight, for I had no idea, evil black gun.

Old NFO said...

Bringing the truth as usual, the sad part is they will NEVER pay attention, since it doesn't fit their agenda... sigh

Anonymous said...

"misleadingly be used for non-commercial purposes and entirely within the boundaries of one nation"

THAT is so fine, I am going to print it in 36 point font tape it to my monitor and stroke me-self

Anonymous said...

well this crime could not possibly have happened.

Isn't this entire class of rifle banned in Kali?

Steve Skubinna said...

Anon 8:23 -

Right. Plus, gun free zone.

Will said...

Kali tried recently, but it got vetoed. You can buy a CA-compliant M&P (bullet-button mag release). Friend bought one a few months ago, IIRC.

Anonymous said...

Yeh Well.....This guy shot HOW MANY people at point blank range, with how many shots from an AR-15? Killing ONE. And this is the weapon y'all keep saying is "the best self loading weapon ever made". Unless you hit the other guy in the brain ,the heart, or the liver the .223 is just useless. That is Unless your "super gun" doesn't hopelessly jam on the first round. In which case it won't even make a good club.

Will said...

Obviously, the center gun is the AWB-skirting version, since it is missing the mount for the evil bayonet, which was done to attempt to curb the wide-spread drive-by bayonetings, and robberies of 7-11's at bayonet point.

I think the non-adjustable stock was their attempt to persuade users to butt-stroke people, in place of shooting them. That delicate adjustable stock, which allowed it to fit different sized people, or adjust for winter clothing, just encouraged users to actually shoot the gun. Not sporting.

(A1 stock?)

Tam said...


That's an A2 stock. If I'd known then what I know now, it would have been an A1. :)

Bram said...

She called me a Patriot - that was nice.

rickn8or said...

Will, what you want for a drive-by bayoneting is a Mosin-Nagant 91/30.

mikee said...

S&W Military & Police!
International Business Machine!

International Harvester - made SUVs of yesteryear and briefly M1 Garands. Neither very useful for removing crops from fields.

Singer Sewing Machines - notoriously unable to hold a note, let alone carry a tune.

Gillette Fusion shavers - no Helium produced, ever, no matter what brand of shaving cream I use.

Saying that a brand name or model name has anything to do with function is really really stupid.

So a Colt Sporter is OK but a S&W M&P is not? OK, then. I'm starting my petition to get the Abrams tank renamed the Soft Bunny Slippers so I can have mine.

Ross said...

An AR-15 is inexpensive? On what planet? And where can I find an "inexpensive" one?


og said...

I have been wondering why there doesn't seem to be a full court press blood dance, then I saw the shooter was still alive. That's very inconvenient; they cannot manufacture a narrative out of whole cloth and make it stick if there's an actual living person to prove them wrong. Plus, I think they may be waiting for the opportunity to hear him speak so RACISST! CONSTITUTIONAL NUTBAG!! TEABAGGER PATRIOT!!!

Robert Fowler said...

Ross said...
An AR-15 is inexpensive? On what planet? And where can I find an "inexpensive" one?

Define inexpensive. I built two, a A2 and a M4 for less that 700 each.

Mike_C said...

Ms McNab failed to point out that the "AR" stands for "assault rifle." But another of her ilk did so in the past, not that I can be arsed to look up who right now.

"I have met some similarly maladjusted individuals who thought that they were Jesus Christ, but I did not consider the encounters as religious experiences."
That is an excellent remark. May I steal it?

Sigivald said...

Despite the M&P name, Smith & Wesson has never sold the rifle to a military!

Those deceitful bastards.

Will said...

Mike C:

AR stood for ArmaLite Rifle. Original design company.
Models: AR-7, AR-10, AR-15, AR-18, etc.

Steve Skubinna said...

Will, I think Mike was actually referring to yet another common mistake made by anti-gunners, rather than perpetuating it himself.

Will said...

on a second read, I think you may be correct, sigh...

Mike_C said...

Steve is right, but no worries either way.

QOTD: "There was never a better [Doberman]. We named him Armalite, like the rifles, because he was skinny and black and fast."
-Ranya Bardiwell

Alas, recent events suggest that it may not be a matter of Matt Bracken being paranoid, but not paranoid enough.

D Ace said...

1. All of them
2. none of them.

All the features banned were cosmetic and the rifles could have been bought during the ban and post ban dressed up nice and pretty like they look today.

Tam said...

D Ace,

Let's ask the question again!

"Which rifle in the picture below, taken in '03..."

Would you like to change your answer, or are you sticking with that one?

Anonymous said...

Why is this loopy JJ MacNab character on every site I read today? She was posting on Arfcom earlier trying to figure out if JL Bourne was an Oathkeeper or not.

She's got a hardon for anyone that might be part of what she calls "The Sovereign Movement" (trying to rekindle '90s militia fear?)